Clever Logic Race Game: Dr. Microbe

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Ready for a new family game? You’re going to love this clever new game from Blue Orange. It’s called Dr. Microbe. It’s a fine motor, visual perception, and logic game using microbes in a petri dish.

Clever Logic Race Game: Dr. Microbe

Clever Logic Race Game: Dr. Microbe

The Dr. Microbe Game is for 2 – 4 players, ages 7+. (The box says age 8 plus but I am positive younger than 8 kids can easily play this game with modified rules.)

How to Play Dr. Microbe:

Each player gets a petri dish. The large petri dish with the microbes goes in the middle.

clever new family logic race game -- Dr. Microbe

Flip over a circular blue Dr. Microbe card. Players use their tweezers and race to match what’s on the card in their own sectioned petri dish. (Can I hear it for fine motor skills!?)

This part got fast and wild with us — we fought tweezer wars trying to get the right microbes. Which was a blast. 🙂

clever new family logic race game -- Dr. Microbe

If you’re younger than age 8, maybe stop here.

Next players use logic to find which microbe or microbes are missing from the petri dishes using these rules:

  1. The superbug (in the large section) must be a different shape and color than the other 3 microbes.
  2. The 3 microbes (in the three small sections) need to be different in shape and color than the superbug.
  3. The 3 microbes must all be different shapes than each other. (They can be the same color though.)

It takes a minute to think through the logic of what’s missing. Before you play the game, do a few examples together so your kids get the hang of this part. But, I just love the thinking and logic required for this game, don’t you?

clever new family logic race game -- Dr. Microbe

Whoever completes the “research” correctly first, yells “Eureka” and wins the point. (Of course, the other players must check to make sure the winner’s “research” is done correctly.) The winner is the first to five points.

clever new family logic race game -- Dr. Microbe

Dr. Microbe offers two game play variations on the above steps. We haven’t tried these yet. Next time.

I’m highly recommending this new game for my 2017 holiday gift guide because everyone in our family loved playing it!

What do you think? Would this make a good addition to your own family game nights?
clever new family logic race game -- Dr. Microbe

Disclosure: Blue Orange Games kindly sent me a review copy. All opinions are my own. 

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