Best Ideas for Learning and Practicing Multiplication Facts

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I’m finding the best activities to help my daughter learn and practice her multiplication facts once and for all. Because she keeps forgetting them. (Not unlike me when I was her age. And also in college . . . whoops!)

How Do You Learn Best?

First, I wanted to start by finding out how she learns best. She took a Multiple Intelligences assessment and learned her strongest intelligences are music and art. Another assessment you can take is Learning Styles.

Apply to Multiplication

Taking this information of how she learns best, I’ll try to apply to multiplication. (Although, multiplication memorization is different than other learning since it is rote memorization.)

Practicing Multiplication Facts

Multiplication Games

practicing multiplication facts

Multiplication Practice and Drills

practicing multiplication facts

Multiplication Music

practicing multiplication facts

Multiplication Apps

practicing multiplication facts



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  1. You may have just saved my life! I have been looking for a way to help my daughter memorize her mulitplication facts as well as read and write this summer.