10 Amazing Writing Activities and Resources for Kids

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Don’t you love finding new ideas and resources? (I shudder to imagine my life without the Internet!)

So, today I’m sharing amazing writing resources and ideas for the young writers in your life. Comment and tell me your favorites, or add links of your own.

10 amazing writing activities and resources for kids

DIY Postcards – Modern Parents Messy Kids

Scribblitt – kids write and publish their own stories

Graphic Organizers and Text Structures – Writing Fun

Write Rhymes – enter a word and find it’s rhymes

Newspaper Blackout Poems – Learning Parade, a delightful way to “find” a poem!

Resources for Young Writers – The Creative Penn

To Plot or Not to Plot? The Amazing Wordtamer, an interactive game for readers and writers.

Lego Comic Builder  

Learning Activities for Early Digital Literacy – ICT Learning Innovation Centre

Word of Thanks: Ocean Habitat from Compendium – Sea-themed note card thank you notes that motivate my kids to write. Stickers, apparently, are quite essential to great thank you notes!

Writing Activities

And also . . .

100 Best Children’s Books of All Timethis article gave me carpal tunnel in both hands so I hope you read it so it will be worth it.

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  1. I think one of the lost arts is hand-writing thank you notes, or any letter for that matter. It’s such a joy when a student proudly holds up their writing piece and exclaims ‘look what I’ve done!’ or ‘I can’t wait to give this to so-and-so!’

  2. Don’t forget the wonderful National Novel Writing Month’s Young Writers Program! ywp.nanowrimo.org. Can’t say enough about this resource!

      1. Yes I have Melissa! My daughter started participating in National Novel Writing Month 2 years ago when she was 6. She wrote her first book that year – a picture book, and followed up last year with a chapter book. She’s hooked now, selling and promoting her books. She’s even doing a series of 2 minute films in which she talks about the craft of writing (to be released at the end of this month). You can check out what she’s doing at http://www.evaridenhour.com. Really, National Novel Writing Month has changed her life. Good folks over there, producing outrageously good materials.