14 Favorite Quotes from Children’s Books

Best Children's Book Quotes

What are your favorite quotes from children's books? Here are some of mine for you to share on Facebook and Pinterest. If you don't see your favorite on here, please leave it in the comments. Roald Dahl quote from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory J.M. Barrie quote from Peter Pan Shel Silverstein quote Harry Potter quote from Harry Potter and … [Read more...]

Beautiful iPad Story App: Rom and the Whale

Prince Rom lg

"Many years ago, before our parents and grandparents were born, there was a Kingdom of gypsies called Numia . . . " So begins the magical story of Prince Rom and the Whale of Dreams, an iPad picture book story app for children. In this beautifully illustrated and written story, we hear the whispers of the wind, the tinkling notes of music, and the lilting voice of a … [Read more...]

My Child is an Advanced Kindergartner, What Should She Read?

Reader Question

Advanced Kindergartner Reader Question Dear Melissa, Hi there! I follow your blog and love it! I have a question for my daughter. She's in Kindy. She can read just about anything put in front of her, but wants to read chapter books. But, she often gets overwhelmed by a lot of words on a page. Also, the comprehension skills need work. She'll fly through the words, but … [Read more...]

Kids Read and Write Gingerbread Stories

Gingerbread Stories Lg

(Today's writing idea for kids is brought to you by gingerbread people who don't want to be eaten.) After you make gingerbread cookies for the holidays, I have two more gingerbread ideas for you. First, read gingerbread stories. Second, write your own gingerbread stories. Read Best Gingerbread Man Stories We love Jan Brett's Gingerbread Baby the best but highly … [Read more...]

New Picture Books for the Christmas Season

new christmas books lg

I'm excited to share with you new picture books for Christmas 2013! The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen, illustrated by Bagram Ibatoulline You'll be drawn into this enchanting story right from the start as you follow Gerda's story when her best friend, Kai, turns mean and then, just vanishes. Gerda searches for Kai, through seasons and the whole land of Finland. … [Read more...]

Gift Guide for Kids: Children’s Books 2013

Book Gift Guide 2013

I've found the best books to give your kids as gifts this year. Books for all ages from 2 to 18! Here are my final picks, books that my kids and I have read and recommend. Enjoy!!   Board Books 1. Skip Hop Giraffe Safari Fold and Play Book for ages 12 months+. Fold and flip for fun. This unique origami-inspired toy is both a folding book and a learning game in one. … [Read more...]