DIY Christmas Storybook with Printable Story Starters

Today for the 2012 Creative Christmas Countdown, I’ll show you how to make your own Christmas storybook, a handmade book covered in wrapping paper, filled with colorful pages ready for you to write imaginative Christmas stories. Use the free printable holiday story starters to inspire ideas.


paper, scissors, printer, glue, card stock, cereal boxes, embroidery thread, needle, awl, computer, printer

DIY Blank Book Step by Step

Wrap an 8.5 x 11″ piece of cardstock with holiday wrapping paper. Glue.

Fold and insert several colorful pages.

Poke three small holes in the fold of the book – bottom, middle, and top. I used an awl but you could use a nail or screw driver.

Get a needle and thread with embroidery thread or yarn. Start in the middle on the outside. Thread through the middle hole to inside. Then pull to the top hole and pull through. Now your needle and thread are on the outside of the book. Pull thread and needle to the bottom hole.

Bring thread and needle through the bottom hole and up to the middle. Pull through that middle hole and back out. Tie off on the outside.

Printable Christmas Story Starters

Print out these free clip art images: Story Starters 1 and Story Starters 2. Then, glue to a piece of thin cardboard such as an old cereal box. Cut out and use to inspire stories about Christmas.

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