Who Can Resist This Board Book Kit? (Not Me!)

Have you seen the new Kid Made Modern line at Target? There’s a Board Book Kit you might like.

Board Book Kit

The Board Book Kit is $14.99 and comes with 3 board books and sticker papers. Since I buy anything to do with writing and reading (justification: kids learning and blogging) I immediately bought the kit. We loved it.

TA-Da! Here’s a page from JJ’s board book of numbers.

Here’s a page from my ABC collage board book.

More Board Book Writing Ideas

I found this Lips book yesterday that JJ wrote when she was 4. Don’t you think it’s cute? I love how it illustrates that
1) non-writers can write and
2) you can write about any topic! (Even lips.)

I also recommend Bare Books — in fact, they have chunky board books for under $2.00. The one below is $1.30.

For more ideas, get out the board books in your library. Browse for topic ideas. Be inspired by other writers. Then, write!

Kids’ Writing Spaces

  • Megan Sheakoski

    How have I missed this? Thanks for sharing!

  • http://www.doodlesandjots.com Ann

    Very cool, I think I would like to make one with my 4 year old!
    Love the book about lips!!!

  • http://twitter.com/pragmaticmom PragmaticMom

    Sounds like a fun gift for the upcoming holidays!