Creativity and the Lego Story

This month, LEGO celebrated 80 years with an animated story of it’s wooden toy beginning and transition to plastic bricks. I love how the story exemplifies the essentials of creativity – failure, perseverance, design thinking. Plus, it’s really interesting. Both my kids (7 and 10) were mesmerized.

Don’t you want to invent something now?

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LEGO Brand Retail

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  1. Suzanne says

    This is great, loved the movie. The ideas are so timeless. I’m with the kids, fascinating and worthy of another viewing. Thanks.

  2. says

    Great video! And another example of LEGO’s amazing marketing skills. I don’t want to show it to my kids, because then they’ll just want to go to LEGO Land! (So far, we’ve managed to avoid them knowing about it!) The catalogs and video-games are expensive enough!

  3. Abbi Joi says

    I have often wondered about the history of LEGO. My boys (now adults) spent many, many hours playing and building together. This was very interesting.


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