Do You Love I Spy Books? How to Make Your Own!

Do your kids love the I Spy books by Jean Marzollo and Walter Wick?

Try making your own I Spy book pages as a fun art and writing activity. To do this you’ll gather props, take pictures, and work on the computer.

We choose to make I Spy pages with colors. Gather props around your own theme. Then, arrange the objects close together. The photographer, Walter Wick, uses light and shadows when he arranges the photos. For more shadows, add a lamp.

Close-up shots are best. Take several photos.

Download your photo onto your computer. Name it.

Insert the photo into a Word document. Underneath, write what to find.

Advanced: Take a screen shot of your Word document. I use the program, SnagIt. Draw arrows from the words to the answers.

Then, put the pages into plastic covers and a three-ring binder. Read and solve your own I Spy book!

Check out the Great Artist Series hosted by Red Ted Art, Imagination Tree, Tinker Lab, Mom to 2 Posh Divas and me! (I, of course, am going with Great Illustrators . . . I Spy might be a stretch but let’s pretend it counts, shall we?)

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    I love this idea! I will try it!!