40 STEM Apps for Kids (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)

Ready for the best STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) apps for kids?

Just remember that most ipad apps, with a few exceptions, won’t instruct your child. They will however, give him or her practice, repetition, and reinforcement.

After you read this, visit: STEM / STEAM YouTube Channels for Elementary Kids.

STEM Math Apps for Kids

Rush Hour – just like the original game; strategy fun
review on Common Sense Media 

Blokus – similar to the board game, my kids love it
review on TUAW 

Tam and Tao in Numberland – Montessori, 0 to 10 numbers
review on InkyGirl 

Motion Maths – fractions & number lines
review on TUAW

Ghostblasters – times tables fun
review on Fun Education Apps 


Not Just Another Puzzle – 62 puzzles for all ages
review on Best Apps for Kids 

Mathmateer (form. Rocket Math) – math problems while launching rockets, 3 levels of difficulty
review on Mind Leap Tech

Mermaid Waters – preschool age number games
review on App Planet 

Doodle Find – hidden pictures
review on App Safari 

Coin Math
review on Best Apps for Kids 

King of Math – mental math
review on the iPhone Mom

Rocket Solver – a Singapore Math app

Monkey Math (School Sunshine) – preschool math- patterns, dot to dot, addition, subtraction, sequencing
review on the OC Mom Blog 

Talk Maths – designed for in-class use, several levels
review on Interface 3 

Math Evolve – math facts games
review on Interactive Education 

Noah’s Memory Match
review on Best Apps for Kids

Symmetry Shuffle – spacial puzzles
review on Common Sense Media 

Math Monsters – games of math facts
review on Teaching Appz 

My First Tangram
review on Kid Friendly iPad

Math Girl Addition House – facts, patterns
review on iPad Curriculum 

Rock n Learn Multi Rap – catchy tune
review on Imagination Soup 

I Live Math – Africa – problem solving
review on iHome Educator 

Math Bingo – math facts recall
review on Imagination Soup 

Khan Academy
review on Fast Company 

STEM Scicnce, Technology, Engineering Apps

Tinker Box – fun engineering game
review on business wire 

Science360 – free from NSF w/ science & engineering news & info
review on Common Sense Media 

Solar Walk – super cool solar fun, can be 3D
review on 148apps 

Star Walk – worth every penny to see the night sky in real time
review on Cool Mom Tech 

World of Goo – fun physics game
review on 148apps 

Move the Turtle – step by step computer programming for kids
review on Wired 

DK The Human Body App
review on School Library Journal 

Go CAR Go – another physics game, somewhat difficult but fun if you’re in upper elementary
review on Common Sense Media 

Fotopedia Wild Friends – photographs and facts
review on Appolicious 

Touch Physics – try to make the wheel move with your drawings; fun!
review on Mind Leap Tech

Ocean Encounters – beautiful photographs
review on App Advice

Cat Physics – control the ball and learn the principals of physics
review on Top Apps 

Super Stickman Golf – easy to play; about angles and physics
review on MacWorld

World of Ants – a well-designed, non-fiction book about ants
review on Common Sense Media 

Roundup of Math Apps on Apps in EducationMr G Online and Teach With Your iPad.

Any favorites here or different apps that I didn’t list?

40 STEM iPad apps for kids

One of the things I still haven’t found is a comprehensive clearinghouse for the best apps, age ranges, content topics. Here are a few sites that review and categorize apps for kids . . .

Best Apps for Kids
Ed Surge
Ed Modo

Some of the links in the post above are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission, but you pay the same amount as you would without the link. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I recommend personally and believe will add value to my readers. 

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  1. Emily Woodhouse says

    Hi there. Thanks for giving ideas on such beautiful apps. Fortunately my Jake loves mathematics. So he likes Motion Maths. Sometimes I try that too.

  2. says

    Do Check out Splash Math apps. Splash Math apps are available for grade 1 to grade 5. The apps are fun and are aligned to common core state standards.

    • Jamie Green says

      I second Tic Toc Math, my 8 yr old loves it. I found Mathmateer and tried it on a whim. Turns out he used it in school, so that’s a keeper, too!

  3. Heather Thomas says

    Great List! I’m planning on limiting my kids’ “just for fun apps”. Many of these look far more engaging…makes the transition a bit easier.

  4. Brianna Coyte says

    Dragonbox definitely. I allow my daughter to use an app rarey, but I’d heard so much about Dragonbox and they we’re doing a basic ‘introduction to algebra’ in kindy that week so I downloaded it to check it out. I ended up completeing the whole game in two days. I love how is slowly introduces the concepts in a game format. By the higher levels they are solving real equations.

  5. Aman Qureshy says

    Hi, thanks for sharing a great collection of Apps. Have you come across any good apps for English language teaching?

  6. KatS says

    There are a lot of apps that teach coding (programing) Cargo-Bot, Hopscotch, Daisy the Dino, Light Bot-Hour of Code, Robocom just to name a few. Thanks for your article. I was able to add a few to my arsenal of great STEM apps.


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  2. […] Ready for the best ipad STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) apps for kids? These can be great for summer learning, too. Just remember that most ipad apps, with a few exceptions like Khan Academy, won't instruct your child. They will, however, give him or her practice, repetition, and reinforcement. Great for stopping the summer slide!  […]

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