Creativity Gift Guide: Play, Art, Music, and Nature Gifts for Kids

(*Update: 2012 Education Gift Guide for Kids.)

I’m so excited to share with you some wonderful gift ideas to encourage creative play and imagination! Don’t miss PuppeTees t-shirts with snap-on puppets (super cute,) or the art journals from Strathmore, or how about the edible finger paints? Yum! :)

Links to all the gift guides below – happy learning, writing, reading, and living! I’m taking the rest of the week off and wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving. :) Enjoy the blessings of the season with your friends and family.




PuppeTees Noah’s Ark T-shirt gift set | $17.95 | Ages 3 – 9

Our PuppeTees™ offer kids with an alternative form of entertainment that challenges their imagination and creativity.PuppeTees™ Children’s T-Shirts are all 100% Pre-Shrunk Cotton, available in Sizes X-Small through X-Large and are available in 6 different colors.Each T-Shirt with its unique interactive background design comes with 6 snaps located in different areas and includes 2 different ultra cute finger puppets already snapped in place.

Buy PuppeTees Noah’s Ark T-Shirt

Flip and Draw Books | $8.00 | Ages 4 +

  10 mix & match characters to color. 5 blank sheets of original drawings. Books: Farm Animals, Robots, Let’s Dress Up, When I Grow Up, Fairy Tales, and Monsters.

Buy Flip-Draws

Fairies Magnetic Set | $15.00 | Ages 6 +

Katie Wood has illustrated two fairy figures and given you an assortment of wings, hairstyles, dresses, and accessories to make them your own.Background scenes include a flowering landscape under the crescent moon, a flowering garden with fairy dust, a cityscape of tall buildings at twilight under sparkling stars, and a frame of vines and flowers to make the perfect fairy bower.

Buy Fairies Magnetic Set

Tuneables “I Love Music” DVD with CD | $29.99 | Ages 3 – 8

The award-winning children’s music educational DVD and CD designed to teach young children key music fundamentals in a fun and engaging way.  Sponsored by the Music Intelligence Project, parents finally can give their children a substantive music learning experience that will develop a foundation of music understanding and intellectual growth.

Buy The Tuneables DVD with CD

Fantasy Castle Tote | $17.95 | Ages 4 +

PuppeTees™ Children’s Canvas Tote Bag is 11 inches wide by 12 inches high and comes in Natural. ThePuppeTees™ Tote provides a great way to carry around more puppets, books, or maybe pajamas for an overnight with the grandparents! Each Tote with its unique interactive background design comes with 6 snaps located in different areas and includes 2 different ultra cute finger puppets already snapped in place.

Buy Fantasy Castle Tote

MOGO Special Thoughts Charm Band |$40.00 | Ages 7 – 12

This bundle contains 3 tin collections including Sugar Rush, Love Letters & Argyle. It also comes with one purple and one green 2-tone charmband.

Buy MOGO Special Thoughts Bundle

16” Pink and Orange Bean Dolls | $19.99 | All Ages

One 16″ green Beanpod, one pink Beandoll (named “Bahiya”), & one orange Beandoll (named “Adora”). Each Beandoll represents a different cultural theme and has a special symbol on it (the meaning of which is explained on its tag). The Beanpod can be hung from a loop on its end. Buy Bean Dolls

Pressed Leaf Photosynthesis Coaster Kit |$42.95 | Ages 7 +

Compare and contrast leaf shapes and arrangements and discover one of nature’s most amazing phenomena – photosynthesis (simplified for kids). Each participant will make and take a gorgeous pressed leaf coaster of their very own! Our kit includes everything you need – leaves, plexiglass, foil tape, and rubber feet.  Buy Pressed Leaf Coaster Kit

HugglePod Indoor Canvas Hanging Chair | $99.00 | All Ages

Kids can curl up inside this cozy HugglePod™ Indoor Canvas Hanging Chair that’s as warm as a hug and soft as a snuggle! They can tuck themselves inside to have a quiet place all their own to read, take a nap, play with toys, or just enjoy a little personal time for imaginative thinking. Buy HugglePod

Edible Finger Paints | $30.00 | All Ages

Safe enough to eat, Fantastic Finger Paints come in 4 colors! Purple/Blue made with REAL blueberries, Red/Pink made with REAL beets, Yellow made with REAL pumpkin and Green made with REAL spinach!  VEGAN, no wheat, no dairy, no sugar and no preservatives.  Buy Edible Finger Paints

Shrinky Dinks Enchanted Kingdom of Dink | $15.95 | Ages 6 and up

Shrinky Dinks is the amazing shrinkable plastic: trace, color, cut and bake.This complete craft activity kit includes a color poster, 32 line-art images, 6 sheets of 8 x 10 shrinkable plastic, and 8 ball chains to make bag tags for backpacks, lunch bags, and more. Buy Shrinky Dinks Enchanted Kingdom

Brick Stix Decals |$5.99 | Ages 4 +

BrickStix are stickers for LEGO®, MEGA BLOKS® and other plastic bricks.BrickStix are CLING decals for bricks. BrickStix work using static cling. When the smooth plastic brick and the BrickStix are pressed together, the pressure secures the charge and Voila!  Buy BrickStix

Crayon Rocks | $8.98 | Ages 3 +

Create beautifully textured drawings with these innovative crayons. Their special pebble-like shape allows children to color in large, wide strokes while strengthening their tripod grip (which prepares little fingers for handwriting).They’re made from soy wax and colored with natural minerals, so they’re completely non-toxic.  Buy Crayon Rocks

The Strathmore® Art Journal Kit designed by Artterro® |$10.99 | Ages 7 – 12 

  The Strathmore Art Journal Kit by Arttero allows kids to explore their creativity, learn drawing and collage, and use artist-quality materials. Each kit includes 14 pages of directions and ideas as well as construction papers to give textures and colors for collage. Buy Strathmore Art Journal Kit

Pixie 3 |call for pricing |Elementary +

Pixie is exciting creativity software students can use to share ideas, imagination, and understanding through a combination of text, original artwork, voice narration, and images

Buy Pixie 3

Learning Fun With Felt | $16.95 | Ages 3 +

  For over 30 years, Betty Lukens has been providing customers around the world the best in quality felt visuals. Our products are powered by imagination as children love to arrange and rearrange pieces over and over to create new and exciting stories every time.All Sets Include: – 13″ x 15″ Felt Play Board – Over 20 Pre-cut Felt Pieces – Plastic Storage Bag (for easy clean up!)

Buy Learning Fun With Felt

Classic Cloaks | $34.98 | Ages 3 +

Kids can transform into their favorite fairy-tale characters in our gorgeous velour cloaks. The traditional design has an ample hood and full, straight cape that falls between the knee and ankle (depending upon child’s height).Complementary cotton print lines the hood and trims the front panels. Tied at the neck with satin ribbons. Fabrics will vary. Imported.

Buy Classic Cloaks

Cardboard Children’s Playhouse | $48.00 | Ages 3 +

Lightweight, strong and mobile, this corrugated cardboard playhouse will win over the hearts of your children, who will use their creativity to decorate it to their own taste, with crayons, paint, paper and other materials.Reader discount: Use code IMAGINATIO to get 25% off any children’s furniture of Boutique Cascades; limit of ten uses of the coupon and one per customer. Coupon code expires November 30th 2011.

Buy Playhouse

AlphaBeasts | $15.99 | All Ages 

Alphabeasts are a colorful way to add character and fun to any room. Use them to spell names or words to express yourself. Alphabeasts will help teach children a variety of important lessons. From learning the alphabet, recognizing letters (upper and lower case), spelling, word association, pronunciation, sharing, exploration, acting and more… the range of accomplishments is endless when incorporating Alphabeasts into a child’s routine and playtime.

Buy AlphaBeasts

Finger Printing Art Kit | $10.99 | Ages 3 +

Finger prints as you’ve never seen them on CSI! The Finger Printing Art Set from NPW-USA turns kids’ unique fingerprints into precious, unique works of art. Kids can embellish their fingerprints with rubber stamps and colored pencils to make greeting cards and suitable-for-framing art pieces that make great gifts and keepsakes. Use fingerprints to create animals, flowers, creatures, and other characters with these included art accessories:

  • 4 colored ink pads
  • 12 rubber stamps
  • 6 colored pencils

Buy Finger Printing Kit

Art Supplies Tin Cigar Box | $14.99 | Ages 4 +

This gorgeous, eye catching supply tin looks stellar open or closed. Smother with vintage matchbook art, you better buy 2!

Buy Art Supplies Tin Cigar Box

Happy Napper Penguin | $19.99 | Ages 2 +

Reversible play pillows for preschoolers to preteens. Six collectible friends who live in their own Home Sweet Home. Each has a unique sleepy sound and is awoken with a press of their doorbell. Percentage of sales benefit the Children’s Brain Tumor Foundation (which is why I included this gift in the guide.)

Buy Happy Napper Penguin

World of Design for Kids |$24.00 |Ages 10 +
Readers will discover basic elements of visual communication that are the building blocks of many different types of design. Subsequent titles focus on a specific design discipline such as fashion, graphic design, architecture, or environmental design. Each title contains: • A foreword written by a leader in contemporary design thinking • Engaging content rich in both text and images • A timeline of design highlighting important events and discoveries • Profiles of designers who have helped shape the visual world as we know it today • Tips on setting up a mini design “studio”: how to pursue your interest in design • An interactive project designed to encourage kids to unleash their own creativity Although geared to young people, the series will also interest adults who may enjoy the opportunity to become familiar with the history, process, (and fun!) of design.

Buy World of Design for Kids


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