You’ve Been Sentenced! (To a Fun Grammar Game)

You’ve Been Sentenced! is a hilariously fun grammar game for kids ages 8 and older from McNeill Designs for Brighter Minds. This game makes sentence creation point-worthy fun.

Grammar Game
Grammar Game

Draw 10 cards from the shuffled pile of 540 word cards. Each card has five related words around the edge so you have lots of choices from which to form your sentence. Each card is worth points so use as many cards as possible.

Your goal is to make a grammatically correct sentence, even if the meaning is a bit unusual, that the other players will accept.


When everyone is finished making sentences, the other players vote on if your sentence works grammatically. If you get a thumbs up, add up the number points on the cards to get your total.

My sentence is: John Wayne and Odysseus largely stink. Would you give me a thumbs up on my sentence?

The first player to 200 wins the game.

Grammar Game

Try a demo You’ve Been Sentenced! game online.

Grammar Game

To Laugh More:

We laughed so much at all our weird sentences! I think it would be even more fun to add in another themed deck to the mix and see how crazy your sentences can really get. Try the NASA deck or the Sci-Fi / Fantasy deck or even a Sports deck.

To Win:

Enter to win the game, You’ve Been Sentenced! Winner will be chosen at random. To enter, leave a comment below by July 10, 2011, Imagination Soup’s official giveaway rules.

EXTRA ENTRIES - leave a comment for each one you do.

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  • Lesli

    Would love to win this for my class! Thanks for the chance! :D

  • Annette

    What a fun game!

  • Lisa

    Played the online version. Really is a fun thinking game. Thanks for the opportunity to win it.

  • patricia

    I can’t say that a “grammar game” is something I would generally be crazy about, but this one sounds fun. Thanks for sharing it.

  • Amy G

    Perfect game for third graders. Would love to be the winner! Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Jaimie

    This looks like so much fun! Lots of laughs to be had. :)

  • Lauri

    My high level 1st graders and all of 2nd grade would enjoy this game. THanks for the contest.
    ps. I would definitely give your sentence a thumbs up!

  • Ingvild

    I would love this game to play with my kids!

  • Jackie

    This game sounds like an absolute blast and will be great for the kids to see how well adults fare in this game as well!

  • Joan Stewart

    Word games are the best! This one sounds like great fun – and great for reinforcing grammatical structure and/or parts of speech. I think we would have a great time playing it!

  • Kelly

    My boys would love this game!

  • Dotty Cowart

    I homeschool 7 children and this game would be perfect.

  • Marianne

    Ok, as a speech pathologist, this gets my dorky radar going. Love it!!

  • Tammy

    I would love to try this game with my students.

  • Jamie Morrel

    I would love to have this. It looks like an awesome game.

  • Kathleen A.

    This sounds like a great game! I know our ESL students would have a lot of fun with this and would get some helpful grammar practice.

  • Heather!

    We LOVE word games in this house! I can’t believe I’ve never seen or played this one, but I really hope to get to play it soon. Thanks so much for the chance!

    h4schaffer at gmail dot com

  • Heather!

    I follow You’ve Been Sentenced on Twitter as hybroanglid.
    h4schaffer at gmail dot com

  • Tricia Hall

    This looks like a really neat game. I love this site…I learn about so many new things for my kids.

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  • Robin

    This reminds me of MadLibs! What fun I had with those crazy stories. Not only will this help kids learn grammar, but what giggles and laughs the players will have!

  • Debbie Coats

    My second graders would enjoy the game.

  • Hannah

    I’d love to win this game!

  • Gale

    You know what…I’ve actually already won this on another blog, but they never sent it. Guess I’ll give it another try!

  • Lauren Garrett

    I would love to win this it looks like sooooo much fun!!!

  • Melissa

    Sounds like a fun game!

  • Heather

    We home school and are also involved in a tutorial that is very Grammar and English intensive. A game like this one, which has been on our wish list for some time, would suit us quite well.

  • Heather

    Signed up for YBS Teacher Feed.

  • Linda

    Wow this looks like alot of fun! Would be a great addition to our homeschool!

  • grace

    This looks like a fun learning game. Would be perfect for our homeschool.

  • Leslie Moritz

    This is just the type of game I have been looking for… It’s difficult to find great language arts’ games! My third graders would enjoy this game immensely!

  • Hallie Doyle

    Oh my gosh…I would LOVE this game! You are writing about such great games…thank you a ton! There are SO many out there that I’m scared of getting lost in Google land looking up new games.

  • Natalie

    Sounds so fun! Hope I win!

  • Natalie

    Following on twitter


  • vickie

    I’d love to win this for my daughter who is a brand new english teacher!!

  • Aimee E.

    I’d love to use this with my students to liven up our grammar study.

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  • Maggie Mason

    How fun does this look? We do game nights and this would be great! Thanks!

  • Dawn

    This looks like it could be lots of fun and would love to have it for our homeschooling classroom

  • Dawn

    I signed up for McNeill’s feed.

  • Dawn

    I’ve signed up for YBS’ feed.

  • Debbie Kennedy

    I would love to have this game at camp for when all the kids are there.

  • Patricia

    I would love to win this for my class. It looks really fun!!

  • Tami H.

    I would love to win this game for my kids!

  • Tami H.

    I follow YBSentenced on twitter

  • Tami H.

    I signed up for McNeill Designs feed.

  • Tami H.

    I signed up for YBS for teachers feed

  • Kelly Carter

    Great game! Will get it for my class if I don’t win it:)

  • Helen Bush

    Thislooks like a really fun game

  • Jennie B Moye

    I would Love to have this game to help my children in school!

  • Jennie B Moye

    Follow YDS on twitter

  • Tirabaralla

    Hello and Thank you for this :)
    I would like to enter!

  • Tirabaralla

    I now follow YBSentenced on Twitter, I am @Tirabaralla on Twitter :)

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    thanks for the chance looks like good family fun

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  • Regina

    I want to win!!
    tarter95 at hotmail dot com

  • Karen H

    Looks like a great family game. My kids would have a great time with this game.

  • Kristen

    Awesome game! Can’t wait to try it.

  • Kristen

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  • Kristen

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  • Allison Kelly

    Ahhh! Am I too late? This game looks AWESOME! :-)

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  • Diego Bermejo

    I will love you win this game. :)

  • Scott

    Looks like a great game for school and home!!

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    Love this game and I would love it for the classroom!!

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