Best Educational Apps Summer 2011

We’ve found more educational apps that encourage thinking, creativity, and math practice. My six year old’s favorite are Toontastic, Ansel and Clair’s Adventures in Africa and Roxie’s a-MAZE-ing Adventure. My nine year old loves Dinosaur Chess, Rock n Learn Multi Rap 7x, and Robot Tycoon. See our new best of the summer apps below. Then comment and tell us your favorite apps for learning and reading.

Educational Apps We Love

Educational Apps

Ansel and Clair’s Adventures in Africa – Wonderful visuals and fun learning opportunities in this educational app.

Educational Apps

Park Math HD by Duck Duck Moose – An educational app for young children.

Educational Apps

Starfall Gingerbread – Great educational app for geometry and younger children.

Educational Apps

Toontastic – JJ LOVES this app! She’s always creating characters and stories. Kids can record their voice narrating the action as they move the characters around the setting.

Educational Apps

Dinosaur Chess – Despite AJ’s reluctance to buy anything with dinosaurs, we bought it. She secretly started playing it and keeps doing the lessons to figure out all the moves which makes her dinosaur grow. I’m impressed with the way the educational app teaches each piece’s moves.

Educational Apps

Presidents vs. Aliens– This educational app is really difficult but it’s fun because once you answer a question correctly, you can sling the president’s head at an alien. Who doesn’t love that?

Educational Apps

Roxie’s a-MAZE-ing Adventure – Addicting. This is my kids’ favorite app EVER. Can I say it’s educational? I’m not sure how educational it is except for visual-spacial skills. What do you think? Still, the kids really love playing it.

Educational Apps

Rock n Learn Multi Rap 2x HD – This is perfect timing for AJ who is still working on her 7s. She really likes the song – it’s catchy and she’s catching on. (Finally.) Okay, I can’t talk because I didn’t learn my times tablees until fifth grade — but I finally got them when my mom found music to teach me. It helps! (2x also available and 6x also available.) Highly recommend this.

Educational Apps

Create a Car – Okay, this also is bit iffy on the educational value but it’s very high on the creativity and fun quotient.

Educational Apps

Robot Tycoon – This clever app teaches basic entrepreneurship skills along with supply and demand using robots.

Educational Apps

Rocket Math
Educational Apps

Math Bingo – JJ likes to play this educational app for math choice time.

Educational Apps

Sight Word Bingo – Anytime you can make learning into a game, it’s motivating for kids. This is a great educational app for sight words.

Free Games We Like (That Aren’t Totally Educational)

Checkers Free


What ipad apps are your kids using to learn?

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  1. says

    Aren’t the Duck Moose apps so cool?! I just love them and so do the kiddos! We also love the Learning Touch apps, especially my 2 year old. She’s already starting to spell words by using their apps. Great stuff! :)

  2. Suzanne says

    Mazes are spacial so about reading, math and thinking–Rock On Roxie!
    I’m going to get the Dinosaur Chess for me the Chess Tutorial I bought is confusing.

  3. Ocjen says

    Did you have a post somewhere about best apps for Preschoolers. Would love to read it if you did! Thanks and love your blog.

  4. says

    Children really enjoy our app Geom-e-Twee for iPad and iPod.

    Even under 1 year olds are fascinated to watch while a parent plays with the “Twee”.

    Check it out, it’s free! It will be free well into the fall at least. I want to keep it free forever, but four times more people are picking up Twee, and not buying the adult version, Geom-e-Tree! :^)


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