Rainy day found poetry & recycled art

My class today is Recycled Art & Found Poetry.   In Colorado, it’s pouring rain – this is the perfect activity for a rainy day – even if you didn’t sign up.  Here’s what you do.

1.  Get out your recycling!

2.  Cut out words from magazines, advertisements, newspapers.

3.  Make a poem.


There are different ways to do “found poetry” – another way is to look for poetry already written – on the back of a cereal box, in the newspaper.

More fun, in my opinion, is to take words and arrange, rearrange, and so forth.  Create lots of poems, find your favorite and glue.

4.  Decorate with your recycled materials.


This class is a fun one, if you want your child to take the next one, it’s June 9.

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  1. Karen O'Keeffe says

    I love this idea!!! I think I will try it out this afternoon with my beginning reader and extremely creative writer!
    Another way we are recycling art: All summer my daughter has been picking up found objecys that she finds on her outings to the park, festivals, hikes,..At the end of the summer she will combine all of her “treasures” into a 3-dimensional piece created on a canvas with paint.
    Thanks for putting up a link to my blog, Bodacious Budgets and Bargains @ karenokeeffe.blogspot.com


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