Who Will Be The FASTEST at Puzzle Battle?

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Affiliate Links You know we love puzzles but do you know that my kids are addicted to puzzle races? (Especially against daddy.) They’ll get a stack of 3-4 puzzle boxes with the exact number of pieces, usually 30 – 50, and race to see who can finish all the puzzles first.

Well we just discovered that we were on to something. And there’s an actual puzzle race you can buy from Blue Orange games called Puzzle Battle.

Puzzle Battle from Blue Orange Games

Who Will Be The FASTEST at Puzzle Battle?

Dump out the puzzle pieces. You’ll find two keys that show the two puzzles finished.

Each puzzle is a mirror image of the other, with variations in color. Puzzle Battle is for ages six and above and two players and each of the two puzzles is 30 pieces.

Puzzle Battle Game for 2 Players

Once players are ready, they’ll race to see who can put together the puzzle fastest.

Exciting, right!?

Puzzle Battle Game for 2 Players

Other options of Puzzle Battle besides the Pirate theme include Dragon and Princess and Jungle.

We think this is a fun option for family game night. What do you think?

fun race game for two players: Puzzle Battle


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