NEW Comics and Graphic Novels for Kids

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Spice up your kids’ reading life with these new (and awesome) graphic novels–great for summer reading, don’t you think?

If you need convincing why graphic novels and comics count as reading, read my reasons here. Comics for kids are a great way to get kids reading. Try one of these comics.

New Recommended Comics and Graphic Novels for Kids

graphic novels for kids

Mal and Chad Belly Flop! by Stephen McCranie
ages 6 – 9
A hilarious new comic book in one of my favorite graphic novel book series about Mal, a young inventor, and his best sidekick, his dog, Chad. Perfect for growing readers.

graphic novels for kids
Terra Tempo The Four Corners of Time
by David Shapiro, illustrated by Chirstopher Herndon, color by Erica Melville
ages 8 – 12
I’m over-the-moon thrilled by this comic for kids story! Three friends use a time map to travel waaaay back to the four corners area of Colorado, Utah, New Mexico and Arizona to the Cretaceous age of dinosaurs but their troubles are more complex than just the gigantic beasts. Unfortunately, they are not the only humans trying to survive. LOVE  it!

graphic novels for kids
Max Finder Mystery Vol. 7
by Craig Battle and Ramon Perez, created by Liam O’Donnell
ages 8 – 12
Get ready mystery fans and young detectives – you’re in for some fun with this book! Each of the cases, told in comic form like in the Owl Magazine, develop the story and give you clues. Then, see if you can figure out the answers. When you turn the page, the clues and answer are explained. How great for critical thinking, right!?

graphic novels for kids
Primates The Fearless Science of Jane Goodall, Dian Fossey, and Birute Galdikas
by Jim Ottaviani & Maris Wicks
ages 8 – 12
Well-told in comic version, this graphic novel captures the intersecting stories and scientific advancements of Jane Goodall, Dian Fossey and Birute Galdikas who have spent their lives studying primates.

graphic novels for kids
Barry’s Best Buddy
by Renee Frenh (a Toon Book for brand new readers)
ages 5 – 7
So, I admit it. I LOVE this book. It’s got so many clever details. Polarhog takes his grumpy friend, Barry the Bird, for a walk. The walk and surprise at the end will entertain your kids – and you, too.

graphic novels for kids
Benny Breakiron in The Red Taxis
by Peyo and Will Maltaite
ages 8 – 12
Benny, a young French boy, finds his incredible strength to always result in unintended negative consequences of his good intentions . . . like when he kicks a soccer ball back to some kids. And it blows up. He’s a very likable main character though and we want him to find friends and figure out how to use his gift without problems.

graphic novels for kids
Annoying Orange
by Scott Shaw & Mike Hazaleh
ages 7 – 10
Silly stories for fans of the YouTube videos. My kids think this comic book is hilarious. I think it’s aptly named.

graphic novels for kids
Ninjago “Warriors of Stone”
by Greg Farshtey and Jolyon Yates
ages 6 – 9
Another fun comic adventure with Jay, Cole, Zane, Kai, and Sensei. They find themselves in a world of stone — even the people are made of stone. If you have a Ninjago or LEGO fan, they’ll love this series of graphic novels.

graphic novels for kids
Thea Stilton’s The Secret of Whale Island

ages 6 – 12
Highly recommended by my kids along with the Geronimo Stilton graphic novels.

45 more graphic novels I recommend

Shop all graphic novels and comic books I recommend for kids.

Any favorites comics for kids on the list?

graphic novels for kids

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  1. FUN, Melissa!! I see several that I think my kiddo would adore. Have you seen ‘Zita the Space Girl’ or ‘Hildafolk’? They are supposedly fantastic as well.