Newly Published Chapter Book Recommendations

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Do your kids need new book book recommendations to keep them reading? That’s why I review the newly published books so that you can get your kids reading with new books that will interest them. There are so many great books in this list but I especially love The Lost Kingdom and Salem Hyde. See what you think for your kids!

newly published chapter book recommendations, fall 2013

Easy Chapter Books (grades 1 – 3)

Gum Girl
The Gumazing Gum Girl!
by Rode Montijo
When Gabby Gomez pops her enormous gum bubbles, the gum envelops her and gives her superpowers which she uses to help others. Fun and entertaining!

Bink and Gollie Best Friends
Bink & Gollie Best Friends Forever
by Kate DiCamillo and Alison McGhee, illustrated by Tony Fucile
The second book of funny Bink and Gollie (mis)adventures in friendship and life filled wonderful color illustrations. (Very easy.)

Recipe for Adventure-Naples
Recipe for Adventure #1 Naples!
 by Giada De Laurentiis
Time-travel back to Naples, Italy with siblings Emilia and Alfie where they discover a world of pizza and help a new friend and his family with the important missing ingredient. Plus, 2 recipe cards. A great cooking adventure!

Salem Hyde
The Misadventures of Salem Hyde Spelling Trouble
by Frank Cammuso
What a hilarious character! We love this graphic novel about Salem Hyde, an impulsive but very cute little witch who gets confused between spelling words and casting spells. It’s like Calvin turned witch and female. Fantastic!

Chapter Books (grades 4 – 7)

chapter book recommendations
Sammy Feral’s Diaries of Weird
by Eleanor Hawken
Sammy’s entire family is bit by the family puppy – who happens to be a werewolf. Sammy must lock up his snarling family in one of the zoo cages (they own a zoo) and keep them there until the full moon passes and then figure out how to cure them. If that’s even possible.

chapter book recommendations
The Mouse with the Question Mark Tail
by Richard Peck, illustrated by Kelly Murphy
This is a simple but charming story about a mouse grows up at Buckingham Palace longing for an identity. Not only does he not know his parents, he doesn’t even know his name! Happily, his adventures lead him to a very satisfactory conclusion.

Lost Kingdom
The Lost Kingdom
by Matthew J. Kirby
Young Billy Bartram joins his father’s secret group of patriots and philosophers in a flying airship to explore the American West in search of a rumored lost Welsh group of colonists. So yes, it’s a combination of history, mystery, adventure, fantasy and steampunk. And it works! I just loved it!

Mirage Above World #2
by Jenn Reese
If you haven’t read the first book, do because  it’s important to read them in order. The gist of the Above World series is that the humans were created to live into tech-dependent, animal-morphed groups who were lab created for different climates – mer people, snake people, centaur, bird people – and have mostly remained separate from each other. The main character, Aluna, a Kampii (mer), has left her clan in order to discover why they are dying. In Mirage, she and her unique group of friends must try to convince the Equian colonies that the evil Karl Strand is trying to take over Above World. These books pack in the action and adventure with such creative storytelling, I highly recommend them!

I’ve added each of these chapter book recommendations to my new master book lists by age:

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