Exciting New Board Books 2016

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Affiliate Links I’m excited to share these new board books with you because they’re so cool! I think you’ll find some choices to read with your babies and toddlers; some great gift ideas here, too.

Exciting New Board Books 2016

Exciting New Board Books wonder-woman-book-page
My First Wonder Woman Book Touch and Feel
by David Bar Katz
Are you as excited as me about the new Wonder Woman movie? This board book will get even the youngest kids interested in the Wonder Woman / Diana story. They’ll love the interactive elements — the Magic Lasso, the transformation from Wonder Woman back to Diana, a mirror, and more. This is a hit for me!

Exciting New Board Books 2016  dc-super-heroes-on-the-go-page-sample
DC Super Heroes On the Go!  
by Julie Merberg
This is a great book introducing super heroes to young children. It explains what super heroes do and why then asks questions of the reader. Some super heroes fly through the air, the book explains. Then it asks, “Can you fly? Can you jump really high?” (Are you picturing your kids doing this right now!? Me, too!) Or after explaining about the Flash, it asks how fast you can run. I really love this book, especially the questions that engage readers.

Exciting New Board Books 2016
Baking Day at Grandma’s
by Anika Denise, illustrated by Christopher Denise
It’s baking day! It’s baking day! It’s baking day at Grandma’s!” This catchy, melodic refrain appears throughout the warm-hearted story about bears going to grandma’s house to cook a special wintry treat. It’s absolutely a delightful story that will make you want to curl up with your own cup of cocoa and a piece of chocolate cake. (Recipe included on the back of the book.)

Exciting New Board Books 2016
Llama Llama YUM YUM YUM! A Scratch-and-Sniff Book
by Anna Dewdney
I LOVE that this book is scratch and sniff! Llama Llama has toast, eggs and OJ for breakfast and you can scratch and sniff the yummy OJ. Follow along with the hungry llama’s eating day and smell his pink juice at snack, the jelly on his PB&J sandwich at lunch, the pickle jar at the grocery store, spaghetti for dinner, and the special desert at night. YUM is right!

Exciting New Board Books 2016 cook-in-a-book-pancakes-an-interactive-recipe-book-page-sample
Cook in a Book: Pancakes! An Interactive Recipe Book
 illustrated by Lotta Niemien
Follow the recipe directions, pull the tab, turn the wheel, punch out pieces, and soon you’ll have poured, mixed, whisked, and cooked pancakes! Fun!!

Exciting New Board Books 2016
Tinyville Town I’m a Firefighter
by Brian Biggs
The firefighter shares about his job, and his day putting out a fire at the bakery in this career focused board book. Also, I just love his mustache. Also read: Tinyville Town I’m a Veterinarian.

 peek-a-choo-choo  peek-a-page
Peek-a Choo-Choo!
by Nina Laden
What a delightful book of rhyming surprises! Peek through the hole in the page, turn it to find out what it is. Peek a . . . Blew / Flew / Shoe.

city-block board books 2016
City Block by Christopher Franceschelli, illustrated by Peskimo
Super cool but quite heavy. This dense board book introduces kids to the city’s many features (subway, museums, parks, food options) as a grandfather and two children explore. Vibrant illustrations with some pages that open up and others that are cut away to show the next page. I like this book but think it’s a bit unwieldy weight and size wise for toddlers so it would be best for shared reading.

board books 2016
Blue Boat
by Kersten Hamilton, illustrated by Valeria Petrone
Blue Boat is a brave tugboat who has a busy day sailing across the waves and rescuing a small sailboat. I love the simple text and the bright illustrations in this charming board book. This book is an engaging, must-own for two- and three- year olds.

board books 2016
Stanley’s Shapes by Williambee
Practice recognizing shapes with Stanley and his friend Little Woo (a mole?). The bright, graphic illustrations capture attention immediately and each two page spread contains a lot of that shape to find from circles to stars. Very cute!

Stanley's Colors board books 2016
Stanley’s Colors by Williambee
Stanley is the cutest hamster ever! He showcases the colors of the rainbow in different vehicles. Each page is almost entirely that one color, which is developmentally appropriate so kids don’t have to search out the correct color. Red is Stanley fixing his red car. Yellow is Stanley riding his yellow motorcycle.

even-super-heroes-sleep board books 2016   even-super-heroes-sleep-page
Even Super Heroes Sleep
by David Katz and Morris Katz
Short descriptions share about each DC super hero and why they need sleep then conclude with goodnights. I love the repetitive goodnight text and the introduction to each hero.

italy-the-tiny-traveler board books 2016
The Tiny Traveler ITALY A Book of Numbers
by Misti Kenison
Count through recognizable Italian things like 3 opera singers, 1 leaning tower, and 7 pizzas.

 rainy-day-pageboard books 2016
Happyland Rainy Day: A Little Moral Story About Worry
by Dan Yaccarino
This series starts your kids out with an introduction to one emotion each book. This book is worry. Glub-Glub is worried about getting wet. But he goes out side and has fun with his friends.

Happyland Big Berry: A Little Moral Story About Gratitude
 by Dan Yaccarino
Bink wants the biggest berry but it turns out to be too big and bursts all over her. Good friends are better than big berries anyway.

Happyland Birthday Cake: A Little Moral Story About Sharing
 by Dan Yaccarino
Clyde is so hungry that he forgets to share the birthday cake with Bink. Whoops. Luckily Bink doesn’t mind her gift of a big berry instead. Simple introduction to sharing.

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excited about these new board books -- so engaging and fun!

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