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Affiliate Links 150 2Since there are always tons of new apps, my kids and I have tested and found excellent new learning apps to recommend. It’s always fun to mix it up with some new downloads, right?

But first, I must tell you that we have a new screen time policy of 30 minutes a day. Which is an improvement on our previous whatever-we-felt-like policy and because of the ADHD Family Solutions book I recently read. I’d been backsliding on my books and play first, technology later.

Do you find this challenging also?

Now, we’re using a daily checklist to make sure our kids put “first things first” before any tech time. AND, we have a check-out log for the iPads. The kids are responsible for writing the time checked out, setting the timer, and recording the time checked back in.

How do you structure screen time for your kids?

Well, I’m happy to say that there are some fantastic new apps to share with you for however you structure your kids screen time. Hope you find some good ones for your summer learning. 🙂

Learning Apps

New Learning Apps for Summer

Learning Apps
YodelOhMath $.99

FUN! Kids can practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and division practice in this cute game of a Swiss man climbing up a mountain. The object is to keep the climber from reaching the top by answering math equations correctly. Also, I love vintage-looking graphics in this game.

Learning Apps
Math Doodles $2.99

Elementary math app that asks kids to think beyond regular equations. For example, I love the sums stacker. Players are asked to move dice around in three different stacks so that each stack totals the number given.

Learning Apps
Shopkeeper + 

Become a shopkeeper. You’ll serve customers, take their money, and buy new stock for the shop. It’s a fun game for preschoolers to practice counting and adding.

Learning Apps
Mystery Math Town $2.99

One of the best apps I’ve seen for it’s learning, entertainment value, and beautiful graphics. Tap on the objects to get an equation. For each equation, find the numbers in the screen that make it true. Each house on the path is progressively more challenging starting wherever you select of 3 levels of addition, 3 of subtraction, 2 of multiplication, and 1 of mixed numbers.

Learning Apps
Puzzle Planet FREE

The free version has three puzzle categories: Great Cities of Earth, Scratching the Surface (landscapes), and Sticks and Stones (architecture). When you pick a picture, you’ll have 3 levels of difficulty. Drag the puzzle pieces into the rectangle to complete the puzzle. Entertaining and great for spacial skills.

Learning Apps
Take It Easy $1.99

If your kids like puzzles, they’ll love this app! Even more fun, it can be multi-player. My eight year old loves the puzzle games where she must match up colored lines.

Learning Apps
Wee You Things $2.99

Add your photo to be apart of this beautifully narrated you-are-special story –just perfect for the 6 and under crowd.

Learning Apps
Kids Vocab FREE

Pick the meaning that matches the vocabulary word. If you don’t answer in time, you’ll be shown the correct answer which I like this feature because then kids will also learn as they play. FUN!

Learning Apps
Opposites FREE

This app  makes vocabulary building delightful. A teenager girl and her mom combat each other, spitting out word bubbles. Find the opposite pairs and win points. Fantastic, evokative graphics. 10 levels of difficulty.

Learning Apps
Reading Raven $3.99

This app helps preschoolers practice and match letters and sounds. It’s simple but fun for kids who are learning letters.

Learning Apps
Wooords $1.99

Drag the random letters that look like fridge magnets to form words. It’s tricky!

Learning Apps
Spy Fox in Dry Cereal Lite FREE

An evil villain has stolen all the world’s milk. So nothing will be left for breakfast except dry cereal. (The horror!) Help Spy Fox get the milk back.

Monster Physics $.99

I highly recommend this app for kids to invent and build by using the random parts provided. A great tutorial helps you learn everything from welding parts, motor joings, arm joings, ropes, chains and more.

Learning Apps
Tick Bait’s Universe $1.99

Learn all about magnification and ticks as you zoom in to the dog’s tick-infested fur and answer true or false questions.

Learning Apps
Black Cat Big City by Renata Grieco $2.99

If you know cats, you’ll know that “Snowy” the black cat is going to get into trouble as soon as his owner leaves with the window open. After you read the story – in bold modern graphics, you can make your own version of the book.

Ranger Rick Raiders of the Lost Aardvark $.99

The aardvark mummy and other animals are missing. Look for clues to find out what happened! Your kids will love this entertaining twist on hidden pictures.

Minecraft – Pocket Edition $6.99

If your kids haven’t discovered this game, they will soon, with or without your nudge. It’s quite popular! Build a world for yourself with landscaping and houses. Plus, players can interact in each other’s Minecraft worlds which makes it even more fun.

My Note Game FREE

I’ve been searching and searching for decent apps to help my kids practice note reading. This app has made the cut with practice in rhythm and ear training.

Learn Notes! $.99

This app shows both treble clef and base clef accompanied by a keyboard. If you play the correct note on the keyboard, you can continue. Good for practicing reading music and just what I wanted for my kids.

HAVE fun picking some new learning app favorites! (*These are affiliate links.)

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  1. I think there are a lot of questions to be answered about screen time and its effects on kids especially as we more fully integrate tablets and other computing enviornments into the classroom. I found the students I was leading in my Math Plus group enjoyed the math game Pico Fermi Bagels on the white board so much that I wrote an App for it. This works well as a station where a group of kids can collaborate over the next guess. I have designed it to allow for mystery number from 2 – 10 digits. I dubbed it Pico Fermi Bagels with Cream Cheese. Best of all, If screen time expires, the game can be played easily on a white board or on a piece of paper.

  2. Excellent selection. But I think myBlee should be part of it 🙂