New Easy Readers, Sept 2021

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Stock up on these new easy readers to keep your growing readers reading. Even better, they’ll be reading GOOD books that they’ll enjoy.

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New Easy Readers Your Kids Will Love

Fish and Sun
by Sergio Ruzzier
Fish and Sun are two good friends who play all day together but the first day they meet, Fish is worried that Sun will never come back to play. But, the next day Sun returns! Adorable characters and a sweet friendship make this easy reader comic a great choice for beginning readers.

Friends Do Not Eat Friends (Thunder and Cluck)
by Jill Esbaum, illustrated by Miles Thompson
100% hilarious fun! When a grumpy and ferocious dinosaur named Thunder meets a positive, unafraid bird named Cluck, Thunder can NOT believe that Cluck thinks they should be friends. Because he’s VERY SCARY. But Cluck is determined to help Thunder believe in their friendship — and before long, the two of them are good friends!

I’m On It (Elephant & Piggie Like Reading)
by Andrea Tsurumi
Follow along as Goat and Frog try to outdo each other. You’ll laugh at their goofy antics, learn prepositions, and see an important lesson — that it’s okay to say no and stop playing something you don’t like.

Goat Wants to Eat
by Laura Gehl, illustrated by Fred Blunt
Goats eats anything that Cat naps on in this playful and funny story. The predictable text will support beginning readers. “Cat will nap on the seat. // Goat will eat the seat. // Cat will nap on the coat. // Goat will eat the coat.” Darling.

See the Dog: Three Stories About a Cat
by David LaRochelle, illustrated by Mike Wohnoutka

In three hilarious stories, Cat helps out with the story because Dog is sick. But when the narrator writes how Dog digs a hole, Cat doesn’t really want to…she’s a cat, after all! Then, when the narrator writes that Dog fetches a stick in a lake, water doesn’t go well for Cat either. Let’s hope Dog feels better soon!


A Giant Mess (I Like to Read Comics)
by Jeffrey Ebbeler
In this ironic and funny early comic reader, Molly does NOT want to pick up her messy room. Roles are reversed with a giant toddler picks her up and messes up the entire town with his messy play– and doesn’t want to pick up his mess either.

Pablo’s Pet (Confetti Kids)
by Sheri Tan, illustrated by Shirley Ng-Benitez
(emergent / blue level)
This excellent story shows how children can mourn when a pet dies. Palo’s fish Ruby dies and he feels sad. His friends help by telling Ruby stories, making a paper fish, and joining Pablo as he plants a tree in her honor.

The Protest (Confetti Kids)
by Samantha Thornhill, illustrated by Shirley Ng-Benitez
(emergent / blue level)
Lily and friends organize a protest to stop a parking lot that would destroy their neighborhood garden. I like this series because the stories make sense, have a message, and represent differences. About one sentence per page.

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