7 New Middle Grade Books (May 2022)

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Need some new reading material for your readers who are ages 9 to 12?

Here are 7 new books I’ve enjoyed this month — and hope your kids will, too.

Which of these middle grade books made the best book list?

best MIDDLE GRADE books of 2022


Super You! Power of Flight
by Hena Khan & Andrea Menotti, art by Yancey Labat
While I didn’t read every single possible story, I really enjoyed the ones that I did choose…and found that choosing the villain choice was more fun than I expected. In this story, you and another kid at camp are scratched by a mysterious bird which gives you the power of flight. How will you use this new power? For good or evil?

Dungeoneer Adventures
by Ben Costa, illustrated by James Parks
Coop is the only human at the Dungeoneer Academy. He feels alone and fears failure, but it’s his lifelong dream to be an explorer. Luckily, his best friend Oggie (a bugbear) and two other new friends on his team stick together to survive the bullying Coop faces at school and the life-or-death jungle trial in which they experience trouble with their team, unexpected attacks, and a monster spider. The stakes are high–if they fail the trial, they’ll be kicked out of the school forever. It’s a fun-to-read, illustrated, and fast-paced fantastical adventure!

Theo Tan and the Fox Spirit
by Jesse Q. Sutanto
When his older brother dies, Theo inherits his spirit companion fox Kai (who doesn’t like him) and learns that his brother’s death wasn’t an accident. In a mystery filled with magic, growing into yourself, and heritage, Theo investigates the Reapling Corp by posing as a talented magic user who wants to connect to his Chinese heritage. But he’s not very magical and doesn’t know Chinese words very well so he needs Kai’s help so they can stay at the summer camp and look for clues. Exciting and interesting!

Skandar and the Unicorn Thief
by A.F. Steadman
In Skandar’s world with bloodthirsty unicorns and unicorn riders, he’s denied as a unicorn rider until a mysterious woman sneaks him in. He learns he and his unicorn have the forbidden 5th spirit element like the evil Weaver whose been wreaking destruction and stealing unicorns. His new friends help him hide the magic and control his unicorn who hates pretending to be a water elemental. But he and his unicorn’s elemental magic may be the only ones who can stop the Weaver.

Zachary Ying and the Dragon Emperor
by Xiran Jay Zhao
Zachary meets a new Chinese kid at school named Simon who is the human host for an ancient Chinese emperor’s soul. And when Zachary agrees to be a host for the First Emperor’s soul in return for strength, an epic adventure filled with Chinese history and legends begins. Then, when his mom’s soul gets taken by a demon spirit, Zachary has no choice but to go to China to find the portal plug which will prevent more spirits from entering this world –and hopefully save his mom. (No pressure.) Zachary’s experiences give him strength, not from the emperor’s magic, but from learning who he is, his cultural history, and what he values. I loved the adventure, history, culture, and coming-of-age journey– it’s a unique, hard-to-put-down adventure for middle-grade readers ages 9 to 12.

Aviva and the Dybbuk
by Mari Lowe
I enjoyed this book’s setting in an Orthodox Jewish community. Aviva and her shut-in mom are trying to manage five years after the death of her father but her mom is struggling to get out of bed and there’s a mischievous dybbuk (spirit) causing trouble which Aviva must always clean up. After a fight with her former friend at school, their punishment is to work together which helps repair their friendship. They work as a team to create a fun Mitzvah activity for the mothers and daughters. Beautifully written, this is a heartfelt story about grief and healing.

More New Books

Dearest readers, because I read so many books in a month, I’m picky about pacing. These books didn’t hook me after the first third but so many other reviewers rave about them so I thought I’d share the titles. Check them out for yourself and see what you think.

Ogress and the Orphans by Kelly Barnhill

The Patron Thief of Bread by Lindsey Eagar

Answers in the Pages by David Levithan

Jennifer Chan Is Not Alone by Tae Keller

New Middle Grade May 2022


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