Kwik Stix Fall Art for Kids

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Fall brings warm autumnal colors and lots of inspiration for art activities with kids. Well, add another inspirational idea to your fall list: Kwik Stix!

Kwik Stixs, from The Pencil Grip, Inc, are solid tempura paint sticks that easily glide on and dry in 90 seconds. They’re very much like oil pastels actually.

Kwik Stix Fall Art for Kids

The awesome thing about these is: NO MESS! (No cups, water, smocks, or brushes needed!)

Also, they’re easy to use for ages 3 and up! Even my 11-year and  my 14-year old loved using these paint sticks to create lovely fall art.

You’ll be glad to know that the paints are non-toxic and can be used on paper, wood, canvas, cardboard, and other crafting mediums.

Kwik Stix Leaf Art

We found leaves in the yard and used them for our first project. If you can’t find leaves, here are some instructions for drawing them without a visual.

We used black paper to make the colorful leaves POP!

Once you have your leaf, black paper, and Kwik Stix, trace around the outside of the leaf or freehand draw the shape.

Kwik Stix Fall Art Ideas for Kids

Start adding the leaf’s colors and veins.

You’ll notice that these paints are very easy to blend. Also, the more layers, the better.

Kwik Stix Fall Art Ideas for Kids

Kwik Stix Pumpkin Art

Now for a fall pumpkin activity!

If you can, get a real pumpkin to use as a three dimensional model.

If you don’t have a pumpkin (we didn’t), you might like these pumpkin drawing tutorials here and here.

Kwik Stix Fall Art Ideas for Kids

On black paper, trace your pumpkin shape. Use the traditional pumpkin colors or experiment with new colors to paint.

If you like, add in other fall details to your pumpkin painting — tree, cat, leaves, acorns, scarecrow, or any autumn scenery.

Kwik Stix Fall Art Ideas for Kids

We liked that the Kwik Stix applied smoothly, blended well, and didn’t make any mess.

To order, visit The Pencil Grip, Inc. (Whose pencils grip are actually quite fabulous!)

Fall Reading and Writing

Want to add in reading and writing with your fall art?

WRITING: Use your drawing to spark a story or a poem. This fall word bank might help with lovely words such as crackling, earthy, golden, and ripe. These list poems are simple and fun for beginning poets.

READING: Read fall themed picture books. See if the art in the stories give you more ideas for your own projects.

Kwik Stix Fall Art Ideas for Kids

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Kwik Stix.

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