Pretend Play Post Office

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 Pretend Play Post Office

Who loves to get mail?  Kids do!


Make mail boxes for everyone in your family.  Take old shoe boxes, decorate, cut a hole in the top, label with the appropriate name.


Get index cards or cut up pieces of paper and show your child how to write a post card. The left side is for the letter, the right is for the address.  Help out little ones by writing the address or name for them.

Make it a bit harder by writing letters with envelopes.  Teach your child how to  address an envelope and write a traditional letter with a date, greeting, body and salutation.


Read books about letters and mail boxes.  We love Max and Ruby’s book, Bunny MailToot and Puddle is another wonderful picture book where traveling Toot mails postcards home to Puddle.


Read non-fiction books about the post office to introduce the different jobs.  Sorter, Clerk, Driver, Mail Carrier.   Use props — a bag for carrying mail, stickers for stamps, boxes for the sorter, and so on.

Create.  Write.  Play.  Learn.

 Pretend Play Post Office

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