Exciting Addition Math Game: Clumsy Thief

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Affiliate Links Want a fun math game to practice mental math? Clumsy Thief is an exciting, fast-paced game that makes addition pairs to 100 exciting and believe it or not, hilarious. Because there’s stealing involved. (Hence the thief part of the game. Which makes everything more fun.)

Clumsy Thief Card Game

Exciting Addition Math Game: Clumsy Thief

Players are dealt 7 cards each.

Each player look for card pairs that add up to 100. (50 + 50, 80 + 10, 75 + 25, 15 + 85)

These pairs will be set face up in front of each player.

Exciting Addition Math Game: Clumsy Thief

To play, you can STEAL other people’s card stacks! (Because the person with the most money at the end of the game wins.)

If you have a card in your hand that, when paired with a card face up on another person’s pile, adds to 100, you can STEAL it!

Exciting Addition Math Game: Clumsy Thief

You can also STEAL cards if you have a thief card.

Exciting Addition Math Game: Clumsy Thief

If you want to keep your cards safe, especially once you get a big stack, put a jail card on top.

Exciting Addition Math Game: Clumsy Thief

When kids play Clumsy Thief, they will become proficient at adding two numbers that equal 100 — and that means they’re honing valuable mental math skills.

If you’re wanting fun math games to play with your kids, this is one we highly recommend!

Clumsy Thief math addition card game - great for honing mental math skills

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  1. Trina Bailey says:

    What a fantastic game! Thank you!!

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