Creative Family Game, Schmovie

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Creative Family Game, Schmovie

Affiliate Links Schmovie is a clever family game for ages 8+ requiring creativity to win trophies for making up the funniest, best movie titles. My kids and I love it — partly because if we play it at night, I’m hopeless at creative movie titles and they ALWAYS WIN. 🙂 Schmovie is meant for 3-6 players or, if you have more people, you can play in teams.

Creative Family Game, Schmovie

Creative Family Game, Schmovie

One person judges the titles. This person flips over a WHO and a WHAT card, and rolls a genre die. The other players must use this information to invent an appropriate movie title.

So for evil bodybuilder drama, the title could be “Maniac Muscle Returns.”

The genres are: sci-fi, romance, horror, drama, and adventure. The back of your title white board gives a few ideas to get your inventive titles started . . .

Creative Family Game, Schmovie

And, yes, it’s wacky and requires creativity! (Which, I’m telling you, is hard right before bed!)

Would your family like this creative game?

This looks so fun! SCHMOVIE Creative Family Game


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