Celebrate Beautiful Oops Every Day #beautifuloops

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One of my favorite children’s books of all time is Barney Saltzberg’s Beautiful Oops, a book which inspires viewing life with a whole new paradigm. Now it’s also a worldwide celebration!

Celebrate Beautiful Oops

The Paradigm of a Beautiful Oops

A beautiful oops is making lemonade out of lemons.

It’s taking a mistake and making it something beautiful.

Celebrate Beautiful Oops

Barney shows this exquisitely Beautiful Oops; he shows the beautiful possibilities of a ripped piece of paper, a coffee stain, smudges, and a hole.

Celebrate Beautiful Oops

Oopses are opportunities.

Not Just for Art

Although Barney’s book only shows these oops moments in art, beautiful oops can be a paradigm shift for everything. I can think of so many examples when I look at situation without the judgement of it being a “mistake” but a beautiful opportunity. Often I simply think, “Wow, I’m so glad I got to learn that lesson today. Thanks!” There’s beauty in that. (There’s also no shame, no guilt, and a lot less stress!)

When I share this perspective with my kids or students, I’m giving them a valuable gift. It’s the gift of mindset, positivity, and choice. And that a good thing for their life journey, don’t you think?

Celebrate Oops!

If you want to join the Celebrate Oops! community, you can pledge to celebrate your oopses right here and you’ll also receive a free Educators Guide when you do.

Visit this page where Barney shares several Beautiful Oops ideas on Imagination Soup.

Thanks, Barney, for this inspiring book and for sharing your way of seeing the world!

Celebrate Beautiful Oops

Celebrate Beautiful Oops!

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