Book Recommendations for Kids

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Today I’m going to do new book recommendations for kids by each age groupboard books, picture books and to chapter books. That way there’s something for everyone. Previously, I’ve done reviews for the same age range so will you comment and let me know if you like it or not?

Book Recommendations for Kids

Book Recommendations for Kids

Board Books

Book Recommendations for Kids
Humpty Dumpty by Charles Reasoner
A fun retelling of this familiar nursery rhyme.

Book Recommendations for Kids
Odd One Out Big and Small by Guido Van Genechten
I like this book so much because it’s interactive — it asks questions. The green alligator page asks “Who has lost all his teeth?” “Who is long and who is short” and “And who is ready to go to a party?”

Picture Books

Book Recommendations for Kids
Little Red Writing by Joan Holub illustrated by Melissa Sweet
Once upon a time, Little Red’s teacher, Ms. 2, asks her to write a story and gives her a basket of 15 red words for trouble along the way. Little Red’s story goes into a deep, dark, descriptive forest — but is bogged down by description. She reaches into her word basket for help. SCISSORS. She uses the scissors to cut through the description and stay on the story path. Then the conjunction glue oozed out and it was terribly hard to stop writing the sentence until the adverbs arrived. Phew! Oh, no, Little Red hears growly noises and her punctuation goes crazy. She runs to tell Principal Granny. Who was really Wolf 3000: the grumpies, growliest, grindingest pencil sharpener ever made. Fortunatly, she still has a word in her basket left — dynamite. What a story! (Write On! says her teacher.)

Book Recommendations for Kids
Carnivores by Aaron Reynolds illustrated by Dan Santat
Did you know that even savage carnivores get their feelings hurt? The wildebeests call the lion “bad kitty” just because he’s eaten half the neighborhood. . . . It hurts. It really does. Nobody understand the great white shark. He’s just a fast eater. And the poor timber wolf, he can’t help it if he eats little girls. So the three have a meeting to share their feelings. They decide to go vegetarian. But that’s a disaster. What will the carnivores do? They’ll listen to the wise old owl who says, “I’m not bad. I’m a carnivore. Eating meat is just what I do.” Now they won’t feel bad when someone gives them dirty looks — they’ll just eat them. Because, after all, they’re carnivores. Eating meat is what they do.

Book Recommendations for Kids
123 versus ABC by Mike Boldt
The numbers think the book is about them. But the letters think the book is about them. It’s a battle for page time and both groups want to win. 1 Alligator or A for Alligator? It makes for a silly story that will crack you up.

Book Recommendations for Kids
Is That You, Monster? illustrated by Steve Cox
Slide your hand in the pocket — is that a monster’s hairy back, stubby tail, toe nails, horns? AAAAH! Yes, it is.

Book Recommendations for Kids
Twenty Six Pirates: An Alphabet Book by Dave Horowitz
Pirates from a to z walk the the plank and want their mom. Twenty Six Pirates is perfect for every Juan, Kane, Lee, or Mark with silly illustrations to boot! (Added to Best Books About Pirates.)

Book Recommendations for Kids
A Very Witchy Spelling Bee by George Shannon illustrated by Mark Fearing
Young witch, Cordelia, loves spelling and spells. So much that she does them together. She adds an O to C-A-T and makes C-O-A-T for example — her yard is filled with the most unexpected things. Now she’s ready to enter the Witches Spelling Bee. when they’re down to just two witches, her nasty opponent, Beulah, tries to win by changing Cordelia’s EARS into PEARS! And her HAIR into CHAIR. Lucky for us, Cordelia is not just smart, she’s also very kind. What she spells makes the perfect ENDING.

Chapter Books

Book Recommendations for Kids
Hypnotists by Gordon Korman Ages 8 – 12
Mix the action-packed writing of Korman with a boy who can hypnotize others – and who is recruited to be in a “special” school to save the world. But is that really what the school does?

Galaxy Zack Hello, Nebulon! by Ages 6 – 8
An easy chapter book that’s simple, fun, and entertaining about a boy who moves to a new planet.

Book Recommendations for Kids
Gaby, Lost and Found by Angela Cervantes Ages 8 – 12
I picked this book because of the cat pictured on the front cover — and found it to be absolutely way more powerful  meaningful than I had expected. I know your cat-loving, realistic genre fans will enjoy this book, too.

Which book recommendations for kids would your children enjoy?

Do you like this new all ages book post?

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  3. thanks for the list. I like the variety since I have a 3rd grader that still loves picture books and enjoys chapters books too.

  4. This looks like a great list! Some I’m not familiar with so I’ll be checking them out. Thanks!