NEWEST Picture Books About Friendship

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Are you looking for new friendship stories to add to your reading time? These books will be wonderful additions to your read-aloud time in preschool, elementary school, or at home.

NEWEST Picture Books About Friendship

The Someone New
by Jill Twiss, illustrated by Eg Keller
Don’t miss this meaningful story with an important message about openheartedness kindness and room enough for everyone… Jitterbug the chipmunk likes everything to be the same. “New” gives her a quiver in her tummy. And she has that quiver when a new snail named Pudding seeks new shelter in Jitterbug’s forest home. “But what if there are not enough acorns for all of us? What if everyone decides that squishy snails like Pudding are nicer than furry chipmunks like me?” (Can you imagine the discussion possibilities here?) So, Jitterbug tells Pudding that she cannot stay. Then, her friends remind her that they were New once, too — and that even though New can be scary, kindness is better. Jitterbug races off to find Pudding and welcomes her back to their forest. “And Pudding stayed. Because kindness is stronger than fear. (And sometimes it takes very special friends to be brave enough to tell you you are wrong.)

Stormy: A Story About Finding a Forever Home
by Guojing
In this beautiful wordless story, the luminous, luscious artwork feels like a sensory experience in which you’re fully immersed. No words are needed as the illustrations fully narrate the story of a scared little dog who learns to trust the kind, sensitive woman who notices him. When she first sees the dog, the dog doesn’t trust her. She sits day after day, patiently showing the dog that she’s a safe person. And eventually, they make a connection with a tennis ball.  Ultimately, the dog learns to trust the woman just in time for her to rescues him from a terrible storm. Now they’re a family, living in her apartment.  (Cue sappy music of love, harps, and choirs!) It’s SO SWEET I can’t stand it. I’m a sucker for a happy ending…

by Randy Cecil
This clever story about Mouse’s grand adventure involves a little girl who loves the cinema, a 6-toed cat, and a lonely boy. Such excellent writing and storytelling!

Turtle and Tortoise Are Not Friends
by Mike Reiss, illustrated by Ashley Spires
If you like FUNNY books with a great lesson, this is a must-read. The tortoise and turtle hatch and agree that since they’re different, they can’t be friends. It’s too bad because they’re in the same pen and they each have interesting adventures. Their so-called action is super hilarious because it’s so slow-moving. Like when they both try to get the ball a kid tossed into the pen and it takes SEVEN YEARS to reach it. More silly antics happen that will crack you up. And eventually, these stubborn creatures learn that both are in the turtle family…six years later, they decide to be friends.


The Knight Who Said “No!”
by Lucy Rowland, illustrated by Kate Hindley
Also a story about boundaries, this rhyming friendship story starts with a little knight who is always obedient. He says yes to every request and demand. Until he wonders if the scary dragon who swoops over the town is actually just lonely like he is. So the knight says no to his parents and makes a decision. He meets the dragon and they become best friends. Excellent illustrations.


The Golden Acorn
by Katy Hudson
Squirrel is speedy and works alone, especially in races. Unexpectedly, the Golden Acron Hunt requires Squirrel to be on a team. Squirrel ditches her friends only to arrive at the Golden Acorn and not be able to lift it without their help. Here comes a valuable life lesson which might be a bit too predictable for some readers. What do you think Squirrel learns? As always, Hudson’s artwork is beautiful and her story is charming.


by Bob Raczka
Kids and adults will LOVE this playful book about a bear and a bee who overcome their fears and become friends because it’s filled entirely with wordplay. Raczka uses only the letters in the word “beware” to compose this story “Abe, beware a bee.


Gus and the Greatest Catch of All
by Victoria Cossack
This unique story is about a fisherman who travels under the sea to become friends with the sea creatures he once ate. Very cool illustrations!


Caspian Finds a Friend
by Jacqueline Veissid, illustrated by Merrilees Brown
A simple, sweet story of finding a friend with exquisite, intricate artwork. A little boy waits at the sea. Then he writes a message in the bottle. And waits some more. Soon, a reply arrives and the boy sets out rowing to find his new friend — a polar bear.

Rabbit and the Motorbike
by Kate Hoefler, illustrated by Sarah Jacoby
Readers will love this quiet story of friendship, loss, and new beginnings. Dog tells Rabbit stories about the places he rode his motorbike. Until one day there are no more stories. Dog leaves his motorbike to Rabbit who reels scared of it. Until one day, Rabbit takes the bike and finds his own stories. “And Rabbit felt Dog right there with him.” Moving.


Dog and Rabbit
by Barney Saltzberg
Finding friends is hard. But sometimes you need to look around and see who is waiting for you. Rabbit is lonely and so is Dog. Dog hopes Rabbit will be his friend but Rabbit hope to be friends with the bunny inside the house. Eventually, Rabbit realizes that the bunny isn’t real. And the one who waited for friendship and is real is Dog. Simple and sweet.


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