Pretend Play Bakery

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Great news — play is good for you; especially for your kids. We love, love, love to play with play dough, do you? One of our favorite things to pretend play with play dough is bakery. I always try to enrich the pretend play with new information, props and role play ideas.

Research says that facilitating  “mature play”  increases social, physical and thinking skills!  Kids are developing social skills, self-control, imagination, reasoning, problem solving and literacy when they play.

Pretend Play Bakery

1. Information

Learn about bakeries.  Visit a bakery or read  a book about bakeries like The Baker’s Dozen, a bakery counting book.

2. Props

Add in muffin tins, trays, mixing spoons, bowls, colorful play dough, plastic knives, rolling pins, cookie cutters, buttons, beads, pompoms, cloth, glue, stickers, paper, aprons, chef’s hat, play money, purses, or shopping bags.
Pretend Play Bakery

3. Pretend Play

Decide who will be the baker, the cashier and the customers.

Your kids are going to have fun while they’re getting smarter! Aren’t you excited to pretend play bakery now?

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  1. This reminds me of how much fun real cooking can be–bread baking here we come.

  2. playing bakery/chef in a sandbox is always so fun…get those old pots and pans and plates and spoons…make for some cheap sand toys

  3. Awesome news!! Thanks for spreading the word about the power of play! And rest assured …I will take this reminder myself as a remedy for my own winter doldrums “)