10 Ways Kids Can Practice Math During the Day

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You know that your kids learn better with repetition and engaging activities.  So, weave in math learning opportunities throughout the day.

Breakfast Time

How many 1/4 cups to fill up your cereal bowl? (estimation)

What do those fractions add up to make? (addition of fractions)

How many minutes until we leave? How many hours until you return home? (elapsed time)

Watching Sports

There are so many sports math possibilities like this post on basketball math. (ratios, subtraction)

Driving in the Car

License plate addition. Add up the three numbers on the license plates. (addition)

In a Restaurant

Restaurant menu addition. Add up the items ordered before you get the bill! (decimal addition)

Restaurant tipping. Move the decimal to get 10%, double it and voila! you have your tip. (percentages)

After School

Search for patterns in your house or in nature. (geometry)

How many more pages left to read in your book? (subtraction)

Fair shares of snack or dessert. Divide up the food into equal parts. (division)


Penny Dice Game

Math Bingo


Math War. Use a deck of cards and play War.  The winner is the one who can add up the sum fastest.



Make a Photo Alphabet Book

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  1. Great ideas here! I especially like the one about using 1/4 cups to fill a cereal bowl. This will also help a child understand serving sizes if you show the information on the side of the cereal box as well.

    It always makes me laugh how we often post similar articles at same time.