5 Active Indoor Ideas for Kids

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Affiliate Links Well it’s getting colder around here which means that sometimes the kids need to find active indoor things to do. (Of course, outdoor things are possible, too. It just isn’t always as easy to convince the children to bundle up who are now tween / teen as it is to let them burn energy inside.) Anyway, here are five favorite ideas.

5 Favorite Active Indoor Ideas for Kids

1.Big-Kid (and Grown-Up) Hopper Bouncy Balls

5 Active Indoor Ideas for Kids

We have two of these hopper balls, one for each child. And they get used frequently. Sometimes as a chair but mostly as a mode of transport. I mean what’s more fun than hopping to your destination?!

2. Balloon Volleyball

5 Active Indoor Ideas for Kids

This is a family favorite game — indoor balloon volleyball.

Use painter’s tape to mark your “net” height.

Blow up a balloon.

And play!

Rules are up to you. We don’t really keep score, it’s more for fun, hand-eye coordination, and movement.

5 Active Indoor Ideas for Kids

3. Sharks and Surfers

5 Active Indoor Ideas for Kids

This is the tag game that normally is called “Sharks and Minnows”. There’s one SHARK who is IT. The rest are the hapless SURFERS who are trying to not get tagged.

Surprisingly enough, there haven’t been any injuries. But, I always worry. 🙂 And it’s a blast — a favorite to play with dad and close friends.

4. Hula Hoops

5 Active Indoor Ideas for Kids

I have no idea what AJ is watching but if you’re doing to watch TV, might as well try to be active. Add a hula hoop to your viewing.

We have an extra large hula hoop that a friend made for us. These ROCK. Because they’re smooth, larger than the usual, and easiest to use.

Oh, and if you really get into hula hooping — there’s a whole lifestyle which includes totally cool videos of enthusiasts doing some amazing things.

5. Indoor Trampoline

5 Active Indoor Ideas for Kids

I purchased this cheaper but well-recommended trampoline but my kids were terribly disappointed I didn’t get the bouncier option like at a gym here. Oh, well.

It’s a good way to get in movement and vestibular input which both JJ and I need. (You can somewhat tell if you need vestibular input if you are prone to car sickness.)

5 active indoor ideas for kids

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