Hands-On Dr. Eureka!

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Affiliate Links Dr. Eureka! will get your hands moving and your brain thinking. Solve the scientific formula on the challenge card by moving the colored balls around in the test tubes. It’s exciting and entertaining.

Hands-On Dr. Eureka!

Hands-On Dr. Eureka!

To play, pick a challenge card, players will race to use their 3 test tubes and 6 colorful balls to solve the challenge.

Carefully move your balls from tube to tube without dropping them, matching them to the illustrated on the challenge card.

Hands-On Dr. Eureka!

There is no sleeping or spacing out with this game! This requires focus and concentration.

Hands-On Dr. Eureka!

Dr. Eureka! also requires fine motor skills because you don’t want to drop the balls or touch them.

Hands-On Dr. Eureka!

You have to use visual perception to match the picture on the card to your test tubes.

This game uses:

  • Fine motor skills
  • Visual perception
  • Focus and attention
  • Processing speed

And, this November 2016, Dr. Eureka! is on sale at Target and Toys “R” Us.

Check out Dr. Eureka! and other games in this year’s games holiday gift guide!

Hands-On Dr. Eureka!

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