7 Strategies For a Reluctant Reader

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If your child is a reluctant reader and says that books are boring, let’s delve a little deeper to find out if books are really boring and then find strategies to help.

Reluctant Reader Strategies

reluctant reader strategies and ideas for children

To find out, ask questions like:

“Do you remember any books that weren’t boring? “If you could read a not-boring book, what would it be about?” “Does boring mean tricky?”

If boring means boring, hooray! That’s quite a bit simpler than tricky. All you have to do is find the right book to hook your child into reading or right motivation to make reading fun.

If Books are Boring, Try These Ideas

1. Get silly. Most kids are silly. Get books that will crack your kids up – no matter what age, gender, or interest. Funny books here.

2. Get social.  Start a parent-child book club of your own. Gender and grade-specific book clubs usually work best because of reading level and interest.

3. Get geeky. Kids love technology. Use that love to develop a love for reading, too. Read on a Kindle, Nook, iPad, or computer. All have selections of good electronic books (e-books) for kids.

4. Get graphic novels. Graphic novels (full-length comic-style stories) don’t deserve the lack of reading status they’ve been given. They very much count as reading. Why not encourage it your kids to try one?

5. Get book bucks. Give your child money to spend on books – either at the bookstore or at a yard sale.  With young children, instead of money, give them a book buck worth one book of any price. Printable Book Love Book Bucks.

6. Get movies.  Want to see the movie? Read the book first. Or vice-versa. See if you think the book beats the movie. Here’s a list of books with movies.

7. Get cozy.  Make an enticing place for your child to curl up with a good book. Use your spaces and imagination. With your child’s help, designate a tent, corner, or closet for his reading nook. Your goal is to get your child to LOVE stories. Keep trying. Find out what motivates your child to move beyond “books are boring”.

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  1. how about using gadgets instead?, students love using gadgets which means they’d be more interested in reading if they use a thing that they interest into, also for the contents, you may visit bookboon.com

  2. Books of short stories work well too. The Mrs. Piggle Wiggle books are good, so are Sideways Stories from Wayside High. They get started quickly and wrap up quickly, without as much of the introductory boring. I remember feeling guilty as a child when I skipped the first chapter of Babysitters’ Club books to avoid hearing about Claudia’s love for Ring Dings, Kristy’s jeans and sweaters, and about Stacey’s diabetes. So boring. And I have diabetes, love ring dings, and constantly wear jeans and sweaters…

  3. I’ve decided to give a book buck to each of our younger children as a Christmas gift. They will be excited and it will carry over after Christmas:) I went to Costco and bought my youngest Rudolph the red nose reindeer so that my hubby and I can record our voices to the song so that they will read it over and over again. $12.00 is worth them learning to love to sit with any book:)

  4. My daughter has trouble sitting down to read, but once reading enjoys herself. We instituted a Mother-Daughter reading time at the end of each day! (Sometimes it’s a Daddy-Daughter reading time if I’m out and about). It’s really helped her get into reading and is a time for us to be close to each other…win-win!

  5. Your post has motivated me to buy books as Christmas presents this year. Using your ideas, each book will be selected specially to appeal to the interests of each kid on my list.