6 Steps to Make a Cozy Book Nook for Kids

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Want to make a book nook that will get your kids excited to read? Create a cozy place for them to read. One that is inviting and comfortable.

Book Nook for Kids

Kids Book Nook Ideas

Thanks to Pottery Barn Kids, my good friend, Lori and I were able to make a book nook for her son’s new room. I hope this will inspire you to make one, too. (If you don’t have one already.)

Here are the steps we took to create the perfect cozy book nook to help her son get motivated to curl up with a good book.

How to Make a Book Nook

Lori decided to transform her office/guest room into a bedroom for her four-year-old son who wasn’t sleeping well with his brother. She already had picked a loft bed – a bed that’s elevated with room to play underneath. Knowing that, we created a book nook design and would add the bed in later.


Lori started with a large Pottery Barn beanbag pillow. I have two at my house and LOVE them. The price may seem daunting at first but these last forever and don’t lose their stuffing. (P.S. They make excellent “sandwiches” if you have more than one.)

Cozy Book Nook


When I think of kids and cozy, I like to make a reading space private and snuggly with a canopy. Get one like Lori with circular windows and the canopy becomes a boat, rocket ship, or house. See how fun!?

book nook for kids


Your books need a home so arrange baskets or low shelving for convenient and easy storage. Be sure not to overfill the shelf or the books won’t be accessible to little hands. A fun bookend makes the book storage playful and practical.

how to create a reading book nook for kids


When I taught elementary school, I always added lamps to my classrooms. Why? Because lamps make everything feel cozier.  So, add a lamp to your book nook area for extra coziness.

Lori chose a lamp with a fillable glass base. Since her son’s favorite thing in the world is LEGOs, he filled up the lamp with them. Walk into his new room and that’s the first thing he’ll show you, his LEGO lamp.

This design element creates extra buy-in when you allow your child to choose the filler for the lamp base. I wonder what your kids would pick? (I can imagine pom-poms, buttons, marbles, or  toy cars.)


Maps, bulletin boards, alphabet cards, analog clocks can all be decorative educational elements.

We gave Lori’s book nook a finished look with several 16” magnetic squares so her son could post pictures and alphabet magnets.

But, if you ask me, he BEST part of Lori’s son’s book nook is the jumbo wall world map. It is so cool, and you can write on it with dry-erase marker! (Yesterday when I went in the room, I saw her dad lying on the floor just staring at the map– proving that it’s educational for the whole family!)

book nook for kids


Finally, you must add in the books. Think about choosing a variety of picture books, non-fiction, and fiction books. Consider if the books are at your child’s reading level and interesting to him or her. The goal is to have a large selection from which your children can pick and expand their worlds.

reading book nook for kids

You don’t have to buy anything. See what you can repurpose from what you already own to make it more economical. Don’t forget to let your children help.

Also, visit “40+ Book Nook Ideas on Pinterest“.

If you do want to spend money on your book nook, Lori and I love the quality of the furniture and accessories she received from Pottery Barn and highly recommend them. Thank you to Pottery Barn for providing all this for free in exchange for an honest review.

Design Tip: In a child’s room, decorate with functional accents like chalkboards, whiteboards, and maps so the design is both educational and fun.

Favorite Book to Read with KidsRhyming Dust Bunnies by Jan Thomas (No matter the age of a child, this is guaranteed to crack kids up!)

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  1. I love the sense of ceremony that’s being created by this space, that reading is special

  2. Love this! Any tips on where you got the map wall hanging/wallpaper?

  3. This looks like a very fun space! Perfect for reading and hanging out!