13 Books That Are Perfect for 6- to 9- Year Olds

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I can’t wait for your 6- to 9-  to read these books. Especially Stinkbomb and Ketchup Face, Narwhal Unicorn of the Sea, and The Bad Guys — talk about entertaining!!  But, there are other great titles for early elementary age readers, too. You’ll find books for animal lovers, superhero fans, and other topics that interest kids.
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13 Books That Are Perfect for 6- to 9- Year Olds

13 Books That Are Perfect for 6- to 9- Year Olds
Narwhal Unicorn of the Sea by Ben Clanton EARLY READER
Narwhal is exuberant to meet Jellyfish, his new imaginary friend who is imagining Narwhal at the same time. Although Jellyfish is more serious, you’ll love their adventures — forming a pod, having parties, eating waffles, and imagining. This is a feel-good friendship adventure told in graphic (cartoon) format that I absolutely loved. Kids will, too! (Next in the series: Super Narwhal and Jelly Jolt.)
The Bad Guys 13 Books That Are Perfect for 6- to 9- Year Olds
The Bad Guys
What a hysterical book! Mr. Wolf invites other bad guys to a meeting with hopes they will join him in being good. Lots of drawings and minimal text make this a sure-bet for first and second grade readers who like irony and humor.
Stinkbomb and Ketchup-Face and the Badness of Badgers - 13 Books That Are Perfect for 6- to 9- Year Olds
Stinkbomb and Ketchup-Face and the Badness of Badgers
by John Dougherty EASY CHAPTER BOOK
Hilarious — and weird and kooky and very creative! Stinkbomb and his sister, Ketchup-Face (you may know these children) are sure the badgers (because “BAD” is in their name!) stole Stinkbomb’s $20. They embark on the craziest of adventures — meeting King Toothbrush Weasel then questing to rid the island of Great Kerfuffle of the badgers. Not only that, you’ll find lots of spontaneous singing about jam, actually bad badgers, and a very helpful shopping cart. If you like silly stories, this book is for you!
Super Fly 13 Books That Are Perfect for 6- to 9- Year Olds
Super Fly Revenge of the Roach
by Todd H. Doodler EASY CHAPTER BOOK
Super Fly’s arch nemesis has returned with an evil mind-controlling video game. It’s up to Super Fly and his little sister who gets superpowers in this story to defeat Crazy Cockroach and free their friends! And yes, they do eat poop. Eeew. Potty humor and superhero action will entertain many kids. (This is book two in the series. Super Fly: The World’s Smallest Superhero is book 1.)
Dolphin Rescue (Animal Planet Adventures #1) 13 Books That Are Perfect for 6- to 9- Year Olds
Dolphin Rescue (Animal Planet Adventures #1) 
by Catherine Nichols EASY CHAPTER BOOK
Siblings Maddie and Atticus can’t figure out who is dumping trash everywhere. And when they rescue a baby dolphin entangled in trash, they know they must get to the bottom of this mystery. Full-color photographs with information about dolphins, marine life, and more add in bonus non fiction information for readers.
Farm Friends Escape! Animal Planet Adventures #2 13 Books That Are Perfect for 6- to 9- Year Olds
Farm Friends Escape! (Animal Planet Adventures #2
I really liked this beginning chapter book. It’s a story with bonus non fiction information sprinkled throughout. We follow Luke and Sarah who are running the petting zoo for their grandparents and learn about life, animals, and crops on a farm. It’s very well done.
Nancy Clancy Seeks a Fortune 13 Books That Are Perfect for 6- to 9- Year Olds
Nancy Clancy Seeks a Fortune
by Jane O’Connor, illustrations by Robin Preiss Glasser EASY CHAPTER BOOK
It’s impressive how well the author took the Fancy Nancy picture books and developed an older Nancy into good beginning chapter books! This is the 7th in the Nancy Clancy series and another enjoyable read. Nancy and her best friend, Bree, learn about Gold Miners at school and determine to make their own fortune with a small business. Their entrepreneurial spirit has them making face cream (the dog eats it) and tiaras (their supplies cost more than they think) which teach them valuable life lessons.
Sofia Martinez My Fantástica Family 13 Books That Are Perfect for 6- to 9- Year Olds
Sofia Martinez My Fant
ástica Family
by Jacqueline Jules, illustrated by Kim Smith EASY CHAPTER BOOK
Filled with lots of Spanish words, this warm-hearted story shares three Sofia stories: going to the beach, making a time capsule, and shopping for school supplies, all with her close-knit family.
Ashley Small & Ashlee Tall Brushes and Basketballs 13 Books That Are Perfect for 6- to 9- Year Olds
Ashley Small & Ashlee Tall Brushes and Basketballs
by Michele Jakubowski EASY CHAPTER BOOK
These two friends never get to see each other now that they don’t live across the hallway. So, they determine to find an activity they both enjoy. Only they’re very different so it proves to be trickier than they expect. Luckily, the friends do find something — gymnastics!
13 Books That Are Perfect for 6-, 7-, 8- and 9- Year Olds
For Emme, Baked with Love (The Dessert Diaries)
by Joy Laura Dower EASY CHAPTER BOOK
Sweet both literally and figuratively, this series revolves around a special bakery and baker named Daisy who makes a difference in the lives of her customers. In this story, Emme is struggling with her parents’ separation and her argumentative two best friends. Daisy knows just what to cook and to say to help Emme find peace with her situation. I really liked that the ending was realistic, and didn’t have Emme’s parents magically reuniting.
13 Books That Are Perfect for 6-, 7-, 8- and 9- Year Olds
Batman The Lazarus Plan (You Choose)
by John Sazaklis EASY CHAPTER BOOK
This superhero book grabs your attention immediately and keeps it. You get to decide what Batman would do and read 13 possible story endings. If you haven’t read a choose-your-own-adventure in a while, or ever, I highly recommend them. Many kids think they are fantastic!
13 Books That Are Perfect for 6-, 7-, 8- and 9- Year Olds
Mick’s Buried Treasure
by Michele Jakubowski (The Sleuths of Somerville) EASY CHAPTER BOOK
Well-paced and interesting, this is an easy chapter book that involves a group of friends, friendship issues, and a mysterious treasure hunt. I liked this story but wasn’t as excited about the next book in the series.
In this charming easy chapter book, Amy finds and secretly cares for a kitten. We learn that the kitten does belong to someone, an older person with a bossy bigger cat so the kitty didn’t get enough to eat or any attention and ran away. Luckily, all’s well that ends well, Amy gets to keep the kitty! This book is a good choice for animal lovers. (If you like this book, you may want to read more in the Pet Rescue Adventures series.)
These books are also on my master lists:

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