A Menagerie of Picture Books

picture books with animal characters

Bears, cats, penguins, and mice dominate this menagerie of picture books. All these newly published books feature an abundance of enchanting animal characters and lively stores. Enjoy!  A Menagerie of Picture Books The Princess and the Pony by Kate Beaton We loved this hilarious story of a warrior princess whose parents get her a kazillion cute sweaters -- which warriors … [Read more...]

Thrilling New Adventure and Mystery Books

best adventure and mystery books for kids

Get ready for the best new adventure and mystery books for kids because Find more than enough recommendations to keep your kids reading for months. (These are mostly all middle grade chapter books with three YA books that I snuck in at the end.) As always, happy reading! Thrilling Adventure and Mystery Chapter Books The Unlikely Adventures of Mabel Jones by Will Mabbitt … [Read more...]

New Monster and Halloween Books Fall 2015

Halloween and monster books for kids

Celebrate Halloween by reading good monster and Halloween books with your children. New Monster and Halloween Books Spookie Pookie by Sandra Boynton Don't you just love Sandra Boynton board books? My kids ADORED her writing and illustrations when they were littler. This cute Halloween book shows how Pookie makes a decision about what to wear as a Halloween costume. You'll … [Read more...]

Remarkable Graphic Novels for Kids, Fall 2015

recommended graphic novels for kids

Who doesn't love graphic novels? Especially kids. And your elementary-age kids are going to devour this batch of remarkable, well-done newly-published graphic novels. Just see for yourself. Graphic Novels for Kids Gryphons Aren't So Great by James Sturm, Andrew Arnold, and Alexis Frederick-Frost ages 3+ Prepare to laugh at this silly friendship story. The knight's … [Read more...]

New Patricia Polacco Book! Miss Keller and the Thesaurus

Patricia Polacco book about her writing teacher

If you've been a fan of Patricia Polacco like me, you'll know that she loves to share the stories of marvelous teachers, many of which were her own growing up. Her newest book, An A from Miss Keller, is a story about the teacher who transformed Patricia into a writer. It's a beautiful, bittersweet story that you can use at home and in the classroom to teach about friendship … [Read more...]

Playful Early Reader Books

early reader books

Beginning readers need lots of books to practice those new reading skills. So, I'm always excited to discover new early reader books and new early reader book series -- like these! See what you think and then for all my easy reader reviews, go to my best books for 5- and 6-year olds page. Playful Early Reader Books Gran on a Fan by Kevin Bolger, illustrated by Ben Hodson … [Read more...]

Four Rock-Your-World 2015 Middle Grade Books

four new middle grade book reviews 2015

Some books change your life. Here are four new (2015) middle grade books that will rock your world in a good way -- they're beautifully written with themes that are relevant to adults as well as children: the power of storytelling, the power of love, the power of forgiveness, and the power of love. These are all don't-stop-now-go-directly-and-buy-these books. Read them with … [Read more...]

14 NEW Beginning Chapter Book Reviews, Fall 2015

2015 beginning chapter book reviews for kids

If you're at that stage (around age six or seven) when your child is taking off with reading, you're no doubt searching for excellent books. Start with these beginning chapter book reviews and see what she want to read first. Let him choose the books. You buy them or check them out. Then find lots of time for reading every day. Go, you! For lots of at-home reading … [Read more...]

8 New Awe Worthy Board Books

board books

What is a board book? It's a book sturdy enough for babies and toddlers to grab, chew, and read printed on thick paperboard. Board books make the BEST gifts for a baby shower or birthday or just-because. Children hear and learn new words, learn to appreciate the pictures and stories, and learn how we read a book front to back, right to left. Recently I read Malcolm … [Read more...]

12 New Nonfiction Book Standouts for Kids

nonfiction kids

With nonfiction books for kids, the challenge is to create a book that is not just informative but captivating and entertaining as well. Here are twelve fantastic new books for children that do all three. Since the topics range from the right to vote to the lives of real princesses, I'm sure you'll find a wonderful book for your child's interests. Nonfiction Books for … [Read more...]