Summer Learning with PBS Kids

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If you are looking for activities and workbooks to keep your kids learning over the summer, check out these ideas shared with me by PBSKids.

Carson-Dellosa Learning Books

I loved workbooks when I was a kid.

My own kids, not so much.

So, if I’m going to use workbooks, I use them sparingly and only ones with engaging illustrations, pages that aren’t too long, and useful skills.

workbooks from Carson-Dellosa

To keep the girls’ skills sharp, we tried Carson-Dellosa learning books sent to us by PBSKids. The kids dug in immediately. They liked the more fun travel books and I liked the Summer Splash learning books.

summer learning workbooks

The size of these books is ideal – a page is short enough to only take a few minutes so a few pages a day is easy to do.

Camp PBS Parents – Penny Boats

You may remember Camp PBS Parents from my post about virtual summer camps. Yesterday we did the most FUN activity from their website — penny boats.

penny boats

Our goal was to try to make sea-worthy boats that would hold the most pennies using aluminum foil, straws, paper, balloons, or any other household supplies. One friend got 94 pennies on her boat! This is the scientific method at it’s best.

1. Plan the boat.

supplies to make penny boats

2. Build the boat.

making a penny boat

3. Test for flotation and start adding pennies.

Penny Boats!

4. Revise and try again until you’ve achieved your best result.

more penny boats

So much fun!

Try it – you’ll see for yourself. 🙂

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