6 Non-Fiction Books for Kids

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Don’t forget about buying non-fiction books for your kids. Your elementary-aged and middle-grade readers will devour these six titles; and they’ll make great gifts for the upcoming holidays. So, in no particular order, here are my recommended non-fiction gift books.

Non Fiction Books for Kids

Non Fiction Books for Kids
Harry Potter Page to Screen: The Complete Filmmaking Journey
by Bob McCabe

Last year 9-year old AJ’s favorite Christmas gift was Harry Potter Film Wizardry, a book she still reads over and over – just this morning in fact, she was curled up on the couch reading it before school. Even though I haven’t let her see all the movies, I’m going to buy her this newest Harry Potter movie book, Page to Screen. It’s a whooping 531 pages! HUGE, right? This ultimate Harry Potter movie bible gives readers, besides a workout lifting the thing, stories, photographs, memorabilia, cinematic history and the film-making techniques from each of the movies.
Non Fiction Books for Kids
Around the World

written and illustrated by Matt Phelan
Around the World is a graphic non-fiction novel so it reads easily while you’re learning information  — is three biographies. Each of the three historical individuals traveled around the world post-Verne. Thomas Stevens bicycled around the world with an early prototype of the bicycle, the kind with one large wheel and one small. (Lots of falling.) Famous for being a daring female reporter, Nellie Bly tried traveled to beat Jules Verne’s record. Finally, Joshua Slocum sailed around the world in his old sail boat. A graphic novel is a fantastic way to read about history – this book really captured me.

Non Fiction Books for Kids

by Annelore Parot
In Japan, Kokeshi dolls wear kimonos as well as special uniforms to school. This artful picture book captures four Kokeshi dolls and their hairstyles, outfits, fabrics, family traditions, and bathing customs with lift-the-flaps and touch and feel. It’s a beautiful introduction to Japanese traditional dress.

Non Fiction Books for Kids
A Zeal of Zebras

by Whoop Studios

Reading this picture book, I couldn’t help but wonder who the heck made up these crazy animal group names. You’ll see when you read this crazy (and informative) book about the collective names of species. For example . . .

an implausibility of gnus

an ostentation of peacocks

a pandemonium of parrots

a troubling of goldfish

Hard to believe, isn’t it?! But, it’s a GREAT conversation starter at dinner and fun to learn. What will be your favorite?

Non Fiction Books for Kids
Graphic Design for Kids
by Pamela Pease

I’m not a graphic artist but this book makes me want to learn more about being one. The sections help kids (and me) see the different areas of design, color, letters, and has an incredible section on graphic design throughout history starting in 1900 with the arts and crafts movement. The book includes what you’ll need to set up your own design studio, a design a logo project, and mentor designer cards.

Check out the other books available in the Design Dossier series as well — Architecture, Fashion Design, and The World of Design – all from Paintbox Press.

Non Fiction Books for Kids
Weird But True 3

National Geographic

Kids universally love these weird and random facts but that’s not the only awesome thing about Weird But True books! The book makes readers think they’re not reading. Why? Because there are lots of colorful photographs plus just one sentence fact. Perfect to entice even the most reluctant of reader, don’t you think? And, you can pick it up in the middle and don’t have to remember what happened earlier. So it doesn’t matter about what the fact is before you read that rat’s can’t burp and birds don’t sweat. Who cares?! All you know is that rats probably have serious gastro issues.

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  1. I see 3 books I am now going to buy for my kids! The Graphic Design book is perfect for my artsy oldest. The kimono one is cute and speaks to their Japanese 1/4 side of their heritage, and I love the Harry Potter. I might end up stealing that one from them!