Learn math facts with 3 unique approaches

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Do you watch your own children struggling with math facts, hating flashcards and tuning out?

According to the office of Learning Resources of the University of Utah, the best way to get those pesky math facts into long term memory is to “RECITE – Recitation is the single most effective way to increase long term memory.”

Skip the flash cards.  Instead, try learning the math facts with these 3 approaches: movement, visual and auditory.

1.  Movement

  • Jump on a mini-trampoline and repeat the math facts.  “Jumping Calculator” from Math Models designed a system of karate-type belts when her students progress through the multiples.  I love this idea and think you could learn addition and subtraction facts this way, too.

2.  Visual

  • Fingers – there is nothing wrong with using your fingers to see math facts.
  • Base ten blocks or other small objects like Cheerios and Legos
  • War card game – same as regular war but instead of the highest card winning, it’s the first person to add or multiply the cards.
  • Colors – Write and illustrate the fact families in different colors (3s in purple, 4s in red) or illustrate the problem (3 purple butterflies plus 4 purple butterflies.)

3.  Auditory

  • Sing the math facts.
  • Say the math facts in different voices.  Whisper.  Shout.  Normal.  (You may need to grab the flash cards for this.)


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  1. Those are great tips, I’ll have to try them out!

    I’ve been working on teaching my 7yo daughter to count by numbers such as 7’s & 8’s and just integrate the lesson into her day. This has helped her tremendously! Here is the post:


    Thanks for your comment. Yes, we do seem to be on the same page. This isn’t the first time we’ve picked a similar topic and written about it in the same week. I guess it just goes to show that great minds think alike!