Review of ALEKS Math Website for Kids

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Parents, you can avoid any summer slide and even help your kids get ahead in math with ALEKS, a web-based, artificially intelligent mathematics assessment and learnsing system from McGraw Hill Education correlated to NCTM standards. It’s an innovative, award-winning math website for kids third grade and up that will keep them actively learning all summer long.

ALEKS Math Website for Kids

The math courses are extensive – from 3rd grade to college-level classes! (If you’re a homeschooler, doesn’t this look helpful?) Another benefit of ALEKS is that parents get a wealth of information on student progress.

When you sign up, you’ll pick which course your student should be in.

First, your student will first do a tutorial on how to input answers and use the program.

ALEKS Math Website for Kids

Then, he’ll take an initial assessment to determine where he is. So, what he knows and what he needs to learn next.

ALEKS Math Website for Kids

This is a good thing since each child is unique and will need his own learning path.

You’ll be glad to know that ALEKS uses a free-response answering system. There is no multiple choice which avoids the chance of an accidental correct answer and an incorrect assessment of knowledge.

Once the assessment is complete, you’ll see each student’s knowledge depicted in a pie chart. I love this visual representation of what a student knows and what he will learn. I think students do, too — especially once the pie chart begins to fill in.

ALEKS Math Website for Kids

Click on the pie graph to see the topics within each category that still need to be learned. Choose one and begin practice and instruction.

For all math topics, ALEKS provides practice, explanations, and input tools.

ALEKS Math Website for Kids

At any time during the student practice, she can click on “Explain” to have the problem explained.

ALEKS Math Website for Kids

ALEKS requires correct practice to insure the student has indeed mastered the concept. I purposely got questions wrong and it wouldn’t move me along until I got three in a row correct.

ALEKS Math Website for Kids

Once the concept is mastered, the pie graph is updated. Hooray!

Learning Math Facts

Another helpful part of ALEKS is QuickTables. It’s is a research-based math fact mastery program for multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction for grades 3 and up. Like the ALEKS program, QuickTables assesses where a student is and shows students and parents what she needs to learn next. Afterward, she can do practice and play games to reinforce and grow her knowledge of the math facts.

ALEKS Math Website for Kids

I like that when you master new math facts, you can earn new games to play. That’s a great incentive, at least for my kids.


Try ALEKS free for 48 hours or just sign up. A subscription to ALEKS is:

  • $19.95 per student, per month, or
  • only $99.95 every 6 months, or
  • only $179.95 every 12 months.

ALEKS is an amazing math teaching and learning website for kids


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