Today seems like a good day to tell you my big news.


I’m signed with a book agent!!

It’s so big that I’m unable to do a Snoopy dance because I’m still trying to pick my jaw up from my knees.

I didn’t submit a proposal, I got “discovered” by Jeff Kleinman at Folio Literary Management’s intern, Cicily Janus. She called me on a Monday to tell me Jeff was interested. I dropped everything to come up with a bazillion book ideas within a few days . . . . a whirlwind of phone calls and emails later and . . .  a contract arrived on Thursday.

Holy dream-come-true, Batman! Pretty amazing, huh?

What happens now? Well, Jeff tries to sell my best ideas to a publisher. They buy the idea(s), and then I write the book(s). Fiction writers have to write the whole darn book before it’s bought by a publisher but us non-fiction writers don’t. Which rocks.

Now we wait.

I’ll keep you posted of course. Maybe I’ll even videotape my Snoopy dance when I sell a book!

Now, you’ll want to know what’s coming up this summer on Imagination Soup . . .

I’ll give you more ways to keep learning and playing.

You’ll tell all your friends to join our party here at Imagination Soup.

We’ll explode Facebook with more conversations, connections, and inspiration than ever before.

I’ll end with an activity idea you can do today . . . Boredom Busters . . . 

The Internet is full of darling, cute, and crafty “boredom busters” ideas for kids like these jars with sticks or these jars with slips of paper. I had every intention of making something like that but got too busy.

And then I realized . . .

The kids should make up the ideas anyway — it’s their boredom.

So, I gave the girls a few activity books and random Pinterest suggestions and let them write their own Boredom Buster lists. AJ had a goal of 50 ideas; JJ’s was 10. Both surpased their goals.

The best part? The list making got the kids excited about doing everything they wrote down. (And, I didn’t have to do the fancy jar or anything.) Not that I don’t think they’re super cute.

Boredom List Favorites (added on from Michelle Anthony’s comment!)

play outside
spin around
musical pillows
scavenger hunt
toys inside ice
good vs. evil
write plays
hide and seek
Harry Potter
make maps
doll Olympics
hair salon
paper crafts
make treasure boxes from around the world

Did you do a boredom jar?

What do you do when your kids are bored?

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  • se7en

    Popped over to see your big news… that’s fantastic!!! You must just be so excited!!! Too excited for words!!! I can’t wait to see what you come up with!!! I guess I don’t have to say – have a great day, you are having it!!!

  • Bethany @ No Twiddle Twaddle

    I’m so excited about hearing that you signed with a book agent! I’m sure you will do an awesome job. I don’t know if I’ve ever left a comment here before, but I read all your posts!

    • Melissa Taylor

      I’m glad you left a comment, Bethany! Thanks for the thanks — I am off to read your blog now. :)

  • Margaret@GrowingPlay

    Personally, I agree with your idea of having the kids create the lists 100%. Boredom is actually good for children – allows for quiet time in this face paced technological society. Here is what my kids created the last time they were bored –

  • Angela Santomero

    Congratulations! There’s nothing like that flood of ideas/inspiration..and acknowledgment does go a long way as well! Best of luck with the project.

    Loved the boredom buster list as my kids are now out…yes, now! All’s presently rosey, but they’ll be brainstorming any moment. Thanks!

    Angela Santomero – @AngelasClues

    • Melissa Taylor

      thank, Angela — and happy summer!!

  • Olugbemisola

    HOORAY!!! Congratulations, Melissa! Can’t wait to see your wonderful work reaching an even wider audience! I’m so glad for you.

    And YES on the kids making their own lists. :D

    • Melissa Taylor

      thanks, Gbemi – you know this journey I’ve been on. I so appreciate all your ideas and support!

  • Myrna Hoffman – OOZ & OZ

    Congrats! You are so worthy! Love this kind of news! The publisher found you! You didn’t have to chase anyone down. And I love that your girls have taken ownership of their own entertainment . A testament to your great leadership as a mom!

    • Melissa Taylor

      isn’t that amazing? – pinching myself still!

  • Catherine Johnson

    Congrats, Melissa!

  • Michelle Anthony

    I am so fabulously happy for you! Congratulations! Just awesome and you totally deserve it! :) Can you tell us an idea or two that YOU like the best from your list? :)

    • Melissa Taylor

      just added some of the kids’ ideas — I don’t have any favorites, as long as they’re playing and thinking!! :)

  • PragmaticMom

    Congrats! What wonderful news. I can’t wait to read your book!

    • Melissa Taylor

      thanks — I’ll be sending you one of course!

  • Donna Perugini

    How exciting for you! Just wanted to congratulate you on your being discovered…such a wonderful thing to happen.

    Start a journal so you can remember all the ‘step’s and thoughts you have now in the future. You might even get an e-book out of the journal!


    • Melissa Taylor

      great idea – thanks, Donna!

  • School Sparks Renee

    Wow! That’s such great news. Congratulations! You’ll be great! Renee

    • Melissa Taylor

      thanks, Renee!

  • Erik AKA This Kid Reviews Books

    Congratulations! How cool!!! :)

    • Melissa Taylor

      thanks, Erik!!

  • Deborah

    Yay, Yay, Yay!!

    • Melissa Taylor

      thank you so much, Deborah!!

  • Alida Bunder

    I am so happy for you! I always follow your blog and read your great articles.
    Your book will be a big success, and I can’t wait till it is published.
    Best of luck with this exciting adventure.

    • Melissa Taylor

      thank, Alida!!

  • Stacy S. Jensen

    Congratulations. Excited to see what happens next.

  • Andrea Gardner

    Oh my word! This is fantastic news! Congratulations!!!!!!!!

  • Elina Smirre

    Hi, Melissa. I am happy for your achievements. You really have a talent with it since Jeff Kleinman discovered you. Congratulations. Good luck to your new career.

  • Mia Glover

    Congrats Melissa. This is really a big achievement for you. For sure you will be a good writer. You can make a lot of books and I am already excited on your publish books. I will definitely follow your books.

  • Erin @ Small Types

    Somehow I missed this. Congratulations!!! Can’t wait to hear more!

    • Melissa Taylor

      thanks, Erin! :)