Soup Scoop – Best Links of the Week

What a great week! Now it’s time for some fantastic reading suggestions for your weekend.

Salt Dough Brains from Red Oak Lane

Extend your thinking about thinking aka. metacognition — make a brain! (so cool!!)

Autistic Girl Expresses Unimaginable Intelligence

Many of you saw this YouTube video already but if you missed it, please watch — it will change how you see autism and ability.

Recreational Play Can Be Far More Important than Academics, The Atlantic

While improved academics is an important goal, the report emphasizes that the developmental role of play should not be forgotten and the benefits of play should not be traded off in favor of academics.

Cardboard Classroom, Frugal Family Fun Blog

Doesn’t this pretend play idea look inviting?

Send a Mom to Mom Congress 2012! 

Going to Mom Congress for Colorado in 2011 changed my life. It challenged me to be better and do more -it was an incredible, life-changing opportunity. Are you an education advocate? Apply to be the delegate from your state!

Be Your Child’s Advocate for a Better Education, hands on : as we grow

I share strategies that work and don’t work in this blog post I wrote for Hands On : As We Grow.

Is That Fair? from Not Just Cute

I love this wisdom — “Fair doesn’t mean everyone gets the same thing.  It means everyone gets what they need.” I am using this tomorrow with my 6-year old!

Weekly Roundup of Cool Libraries, KNSTRCT

Book bliss . . .

Take care, everybody ~

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    Love this Melissa! I want Frugal Family Fun to come to my house and help me make cool things with my boxes. I am just not that talented!

    Your post over at Hands On: As We Grow was wonderful. What a great round up of fabulous posts. Have a great weekend!


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