10 Ways to Nurture Creativity by Peter H. Reynolds

Second guest post from Peter H. Reynolds, author, illustrator, speaker, educator, and creative being. Read his first guest post, Creative Ways to Reach All Learners.

Nurture Creativity

Nurture Creativity

1) Model it.

Demonstrate and share YOUR creativity and art.

2) Be Proud.

Do not denigrate your own art and creativity in front of children. Share it proudly.

3) Stock up.

Have plenty of arts supplies and media tools at your children’s fingertips.

4) Get Inspired.

Take your children to museums!

5) Share, share, share!

Make dinnertime – story-time. Have everyone tell a story about his or her day. Make storytelling a part of your family culture.

6) Celebrate originality.

Get as much original art up on the walls as possible. (Yours, your children’s, friends’)

7) Create your creative oasis.

Turn of the TV and play music on great speakers. Forget the earbuds. SHARE the sounds! Mix it up – play all types of music from all periods and all cultures.

8 ) Infuse the arts in unexpected places.

Make your dinner plates look like art. Arrange it in creative ways.

9)  Set up your studio.

Create “studio spaces” in your home/school dedicated to making stuff.

10) Make it matter!

Brainstorm how you can use your talents and gifts to make the world a better place.

Bio: Peter H. Reynolds is a children’s book author, illustratorbookshop owner, founder of FableVision… and an advocate for creativity and children of all ages.

Photo credit: Nanagyei / Foter.com / CC BY