How I Started Our Mother Daughter Book Club

One chilly fall morning last year, my neighbor and I stumbled upon the idea of having a neighborhood mother daughter book club.  Both our daughters weren’t very enthusiastic readers. We thought that the social aspect of the book club would get them motivated to read. At least we hoped.

So, in first grade, we started a neighborhood book club. And, it worked! Now my daughter looks forward to seeing her friends, she’s reading for a purpose, we’re spending time together reading – although sometimes she wants to read on her own and discuss with me later.  It’s wonderful!

Are you considering it yet?

Mother Daughter Book Club

Like our book club, most parent-child book clubs share two things in common – age and gender.  (We started when my daughter was six.) Grouping by age to keeps the reading level similar.  Grouping by gender means the interest in book choices is similar.

From an educational perspective, parent-child book clubs are rich with skill building. Debbie Milner, Literacy Coordinator for the Denver Public Schools, says “Besides building a love of reading, book clubs develop an abundance of literacy skills: the ability to use comprehension strategies; to compare and contrast authors, themes, concepts and ideas; the ability to understand how reading can help you learn about the world; and the ability to learn how to be a good writer from reading good writing.”

Not only skill building, parent-child book clubs show children that their parent values reading. “The parent is modeling reading (yippee!) so the child recognizes that the parent values the printed word,” says author and parenting expert, Michele Borba, Ed.D.

Some clubs tie-in activities to the book. “For How to Train Your Dragon, we ate cake in the shape of a Viking helmet and played our version of “Thor’sday Thursday Celebration” from the book,” says Lori Diggory, a mom in a mother-son book club. “We have done some other tie-in activities such as going to see a movie when one of the books we’ve read comes out on film such as Millions, Eragon and Freaky Friday.”

You’re ready to jump on the parent-child book club wagon aren’t you?

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Are you already in a parent-child book club?  Comment here and tell us all about it!  We’d love to know.

Not, yet in a book club – what are your questions or ideas?  Comment and tell me!

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