Deck of cards for math fun

What can you do with a deck of cards?

j0433900Lots.  Some of them even involve learning.  Here are a few I like.

2 – 5 year olds:  GO FISH – Learning your numbers takes practice.  Take out the 9, Ace, King, Queen, and Jesters.  Play like regular Go Fish but with numbers.  “Do you have a 5?”  (Deal 5-7 cards each player, remaining cards in the middle.)

4 – 6 year olds: WAR – This is the best, longest lasting fun game.  It teaches greater than and less than.  Two players.  Deal all the cards face down.  At the same time, players flip up one card.  The person with the highest card “wins” both cards for their pile.  It never ends . . . although I think it’s suppose to.  Something about the one with all the cards?

6 – 8 year olds: ADDITION – 1 player supervised by an adult.  Flip two cards.   Add together.  Win big prizes.  No, not really.  Just good math practice and way more interesting than flash cards.

MAKE TEN: Ask for the card that would add up with yours to make 10. (If you have a 4, ask for a 6.)

8 – 12 year olds:  MULTIPLICATION – 1 – 2 players.  Flip to cards up.  Multiply.  Make up your own rules for competition.  How about winner is the person who knows the answer first?  They win both cards.  The most cards wins.

Any other ideas?  Please share with us if you do.  Happy math-ing.



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