Writing Class Testimonials

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Melissa’s classes are so much fun for the kids.  Everything gets activated when they spend time with her:  their brain, their bodies, their imaginations and their self-esteem.  My kids were hooked on Melissa and her classes from their first one.

I’m in awe at all of the inventive ways she gets their creative juices flowing.

Her classes are so much more than just something to do for the kids; she’s contributing to their growth as people.

I recommend these classes to every parent I know.”  -Triffany, parent

They are really fun and it makes me feel so happy. I like that it is about nature because I love that. The journal makes it so I will always remember what I did.”- Abby, age 7

Melissa’s writing classes are great.  There is a different topic every time.  You go outdoors and enjoy the fresh air.  She makes you look at the world in a way you didn’t look at it before.  I think this will help my writing in the school year, because I’m practicing a lot of different ways to write, but it is still a place for kids to have fun. If I were to rate them from a 1-10, it would be a 9.99.”  – Garrett, age 10

She is nice and she has a good way of telling people how to do things. She doesn’t yell. She lets people write whatever they want.”Abby, age 7

I liked it when we got to take a walk and she helped us think of ideas.  There was a rock path and Melissa said, ‘Maybe your pet wants to walk on rocks or the sidewalk.’  She gave us ideas.  Sometimes if someone gives you ideas it makes your story better.” – Cambria, age 7

I was very happy with the writing class because you took the kids through the whole writing process in a workshop format.  I liked how you actively engaged them in coming up with ideas, how you modeled good writing for them, and then how you supported them in creating their own piece of writing.  Cambria had fun, learned and was very proud of the work she produced.  Thanks a ton!”  – Karen, parent

Melissa is one of the best teachers that I know of.  The first class that I took I loved.  Melissa gave me the spirit of imagination.  He passion and taste for nature has taught me to make the best in life and to just look at the world around you.” – Peyton, Age 8


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