Will Your Kids Laugh at These Humorous New Picture Books?

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My desk is surrounded by piles of picture books to review. If ever you can’t find me, it’s because I’ve gotten buried. But, I happy to say I sifted through the piles and found six humorous picture books I think your kids will really love.


Will Your Kids Laugh at These Humorous New Picture Books?

Humorous New Picture Books 2018
My Pillow Keeps Moving by Laura Gehl, illustrated by Christopher Weyant
Prepare to giggle your want through this silly story about a bumbling old man who, no matter what he’s shopping for, gets a dog instead. A wiggly (dog) pillow he tries to return. A barky (dog) footstool he tries to return. And a stinky (dog) coat he tries to return. Finally, the man welcomes the dog (not pillow) into his home as a dog, then takes him to go shopping for a hat. Which, of course, won’t be an actual hat but maybe … a cat! Kids will love this humorous read aloud as much as me.


Humorous New Picture Books 2018
I Got a Chicken For My Birthday
by Laura Gehl, illustrated by Sarah Horne
SUCH a funny story! A little girl asks Abuela Lola for tickets to an amusement park for her birthday. Much to her surprise, Abuela Lola gets her a chicken instead!! Weird. And, it’s a chicken who is too busy to eat, too busy to lay eggs, and steals her dog and cat. But don’t worry. The new chicken is actually a genius. Kids will love this hilarious story about the best birthday present ever — a chicken who builds an amusement park. Stunning illustrations throughout. (And I predict you’ll want a chicken like this for your birthday, too.) (Added to: Big List of Funny Picture Books for Kids.)


Old MacDonald Had a Boat by Steve Goetz, illustrated by Eda Kaban
I adore this series from Steve Goetz! If you don’t know about them, check out this newest book! Old MacDonald has a farm — and on that farm he has all the materials and supplies to build something. What is it going to be? He works and works until he finishes (you guessed it) — a boat. The illustrations are my favorite part of this story — they really capture the details of this silly guy and his boat for water skiing.


Humorous New Picture Books 2018
Nothing Can Frighten a Bear
by Elizabeth Dale, illustrated by Paula Metcalf
Bear is startled awake by a strange sound. He’s sure it’s a monster but he can’t sleep until he knows for sure so the whole family wakes up and searches the forest. Eventually, the bears realize that the noise was baby bear’s own snore. Oh, my! Choose this silly story at bedtime.


Humorous New Picture Books 2018
Shake the Tree!
by Chiara Vignocchi, Paolo Chiarinotti, and Silvia Borando
Mouse spots a nut high in the tree so she shakes the tree (readers get to help) and what should fall out but a fox…who wants to eat the mouse… Mouse scurries back up the tree. The fox (and you the reader) shakes the tree left and right but what should fall out — a warthog? Ut-oh! The fox runs back up the tree. The warthog shakes the tree and a bear falls out so the warthog runs back up the tree. Your kids will think this is hilarious. And because the bear is so strong, when he shakes the tree, everyone falls out. Will he gobble them up? Read it to find out.


Little Mouse darts in an open window where he finds one favorite food after another…he can’t wait to eat his perfect breakfast. Unfortunately, he’s not alone. But just as he’s about to be the cat’s breakfast, Little Mouse escapes through the open window. Your kids will laugh when they see where he goes next for more food.

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