Another Favorite Family Game Dohdles!

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Affiliate Links Yes, I know we have a new favorite every month. You should see our game closet. We’re freaks for games. And, this month our new “play-every-other-night” game favorite is one of the games I recommended for gifts last month, the artistic sculpting game, Dohdles!.

(Every time I type that word, my computer auto corrects to doodles. Grrr.)

Here’s the gist: Players use the play dough to create objects that the other players try to guess with either yes/no questions or letters in the word.

Our New Favorite Family Game Dohdles!

Anyway, on to the game and how you play Dohdles!.

Let me explain how it works and why we love it and think you will as well.

Each player starts with colored play dough, and game pieces.

You also get a card with a list of nouns on one side and questions on the other. Scan the card for two things to sculpt with your dough.

Our New Favorite Family Game Dohdles!

TRICKY SCULPTING STRATEGY: Don’t make your object so obvious that the other players can guess it immediately. You have to make it without details. The goal (to get the most points) is to make it good enough to guess with a few hints.

Our New Favorite Family Game Dohdles!

Players then put their “dohdles” on the game board in the white circles with the same colored game chip on the starting circle around it.

In addition, you will write ONE LETTER of the word on a clue card. Players can ask for more letters when they move your game chip to the ABC circle.

ASK QUESTIONS: Players start by moving another person’s game chip to the first circle on the round that is marked with question marks ??. Their turn is to ask two yes or no questions about the doodle. Ideas for questions are given on a game card. (Is the object part of nature? Is the object edible? Is the object bigger than . . . )

Our New Favorite Family Game Dohdles!

Can you guess what my blue dohdles are in the photo above? (The one on the left is a hammock. The one on the right is headphones.)

Our New Favorite Family Game Dohdles!

Can you guess the purple dohdle below with only the letter clues?Our New Favorite Family Game Dohdles!

Yes, it’s underwear!

You can move on the Dohdles! game board to the end using the green arrows to go forward if you guess it right, and the red arrows to go backwards if you guess it wrong. The sculptor gets points, too, if you guess while on a circle with 1, 2, or 3 points.

The orange dohdle below took us FOREVER to guess — so long that the sculptor, my husband, got zero points. (Now, it does seem obvious. Oh, well.)

Our New Favorite Family Game Dohdles!

It sounds complicated at first but once you have the rules down, it’s simple and really fun. We like how tricky you have to be with your play dough sculptures — not too good and not too bad either.

You know me, I like to spend the evenings doing something good for our brains — Dohdles! does the job perfectly with fun and laughter! Maybe it will for your family as well.

Doodles! is a NEW & FUN Game for Families  clever and creative game of dough sculptures: Dohdles!

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