Noteworthy New Board Books, 2020

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If you think all the good board books have been written, think again. Because there are so many new books good that babies, toddlers, and preschoolers will enjoy reading!

More Noteworthy New Board Books, 2020

Baby Montessori Book Set
illustrated by Agnese Baruzzi
I’m so excited to gift these to my friends having babies! As you know, babies see black, white, and red so those are the colors of these illustration-only board books. The illustrations will give you plenty to talk about with babies as you point and discuss the objects in the pictures. You might say, “What a big tree! “Look over here, there’s a small plant. One is big and one is small.” The books in this set are:

  1. Big or Small?
  2. The Garden
  3. Animals
  4. Follow Me!

I like the Follow Me! book because it gives children a chance to use their fingers to follow the big lines.
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You’re My Little Baby (The World of Eric Carle)
Rhyming, lyrical, and so very sweet, this poem to animal babies will be a new favorite. “You’re my little lamb, so gentle and sweet. // You’re my little monkey, whose smiles are such a treat.” Darling! Give this book at your next baby shower.
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I Thought I Saw a Bear!
by Lydia Nichols
See the bear on a boat, a car, a train, and a hot air balloon, by simply moving the slider to hide and reveal the bear.
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Little Fish and Friends
by Lucy Cousins
Feel the lumpy and bumpy shell, the soft and fluffy bumble fish, the wrinkly and rough ele-fish, and all the friends that Little Fish sees when he swims in the sea. A playful, tactile story children will want to read (and touch) again and again.
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Mad, Mad, Mad
by Leslie Patricelli
Sometimes the little baby gets mad and doesn’t want to play. When he wants to stop, he hugs his blankie and walks around, breathes in and breathes out. He feels better.
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Up Cat Down Cat
by Steve Light
Black / White. Long / Short. Lost / Found.” Two Siamese cats show readers opposites in stylistic illustrations.
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Busy Bots
created by Roger Priddy
Can you find the everyday objects in the photographs of silly robots? From the dogbot and snailbot to a flybot and owlbot, can you spot the items listed at the bottom of the page?
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Peekaboo Farm
by Camila Reid, illustrated by Ingela P. Arrh??
Tour the farm, the barn, the piggies, the chickie, and more. Slide up the slider and see more of the pictures. Also read Peekaboo Apple about everyday things.
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by Nosy Crow, illustrated by Jane Ormes
Read about the animals of Africa. For each animal, learn the names of the mommy and daddy, then lift the flap to read about their babies. Zebra daddies are stallions, mommies are mares, and babies are foals. The last two pages share the collective names for the groups- a leap of leopards and a crash of rhinos.
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Little Owl’s Bedtime
by Karl Newson, illustrated by Miggy Blanco
Little Owl has a job to do. Every night, she passes sleeping animals in her journey to blow out the stars. Lyrical text mimics the flying, soaring, swooping of Little Owl who says good night to the stars and his friends. An enchanting story for bedtime that will remind children that the stars will go away and the sun will always rise again, thanks to Little Owl.
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Paper Peek Animals
by Chihiro Takeuchi
Continent by continent, discover animal-packed search and find pages. For example, in South America, you’ll search for 1 sloth, 2 squirrel monkeys, 3 toucans, 4 flamingos, and 5 armadillos. I really love this little board book that will appeal to preschool-age children.
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We’re Going on a Bear Hunt: My First 123

Trace the number from one to ten as you discover things in nature– ducklings, mice, butterflies, and more.

ABC What Can I Be?
by Sugar Snap Studio
I like that this board book includes jobs beyond teacher and doctor! Instead, read about jobs from a to z like costume designer, game developer, helicopter pilot, landscape architect, and more! I love that the illustrations show many different skin colors.

Georgia O’Keeffe Loved the Desert
by Kate Coombs, illustrated by Seth Lucas
Not only will you learn that Georgia loved the desert but you’ll also learn what’s in the desert that she painted. Cottonwood trees, cactus blossoms, Indian paintbrush, and bones. Simple but wonderfully educational!
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Jane Goodall Is a Friend to All
by Kate Coombs, illustration by Seth Lucas
Jane Goodall went to Africa and became a friend to chimpanzees. Simple text shares how Jane took notes about what she learned about her new friends. A powerful introduction to an influential woman.
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The Wolf and the Fly
by Antje Damm
I LOVE this book! And you will, too. A wolf is hungry so he looks at a bookshelf of stuff to decide what to eat. When you turn the page, something is missing, what is it? He eats everyone one after another. Kids need to pay close attention. When he finishes with a fly, that fly wiggles around and everything comes right back up!
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