30 Fun Geography Games and Activities for Kids

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I believe so strongly in the importance of our children having a global perspective– knowing the world is so much more than about them, their neighborhood, and their country. I’ve found over 30 fun books, games, & playful activities to help facilitate knowledge of geography and a global perspective.

Geography Activities for Kids

Geography Activities for Kids

The most important thing for kids to start with is learning their home address. You’d be surprised how many kids don’t know or have forgotten their home address. (And phone number.) Practice this often!

Read about geography and maps.

Books with maps and about maps are a great addition to your reading choices.

Geography Books for Kids

Play map games.

Gamifying any concept helps kids learn. These games are great ways to engage young learners to learn geography. Don’t miss The Scrambled States or Ticket to Ride — two favorites of ours.

map games for children

Geography Activities for Kids

Complete map puzzles.

Pull out a puzzle map and you’ll be amazed at how much this helps kids learn geography.

map puzzles for kids

Make your own maps.

If you haven’t made your own maps, I highly recommend it. Start with your house or neighborhood or room.

Extend your geography learning with play.

I love these playful geography ideas!

Out and About Geography Ideas

30+ geography activities for kids (


educational youtube channels: geography and history

Best Geography and History YouTube Channels for Kids

U.S. Geography Games and Puzzles for Kids

Geography Apps  for Kids

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  1. Love all your ideas. As a family, we’ve been geocaching for years. We’ve also done some letterboxing, but there are many more geocaches available to find in our area.
    I am currently running a tutoring program for elementary-age kids and have found that most do not know their addresses and have very few map skills. Our focus this year is going to be geography.

    1. Thanks, Diana. Yes, isn’t it alarming how few kids know their phone numbers and addresses? Hope your geography focus is a delightful time of learning and fun!

  2. You need to add “Grandparent” to your drop-down list of who’s interested. BIG oversight!

  3. Great post and just what I’m looking for! I’m linking to this page of yours for a post of my own next week. I hope you see some new readers head over this way as a result! http://syncopatedmama.com