3 Engaging Circle Round Folktale Picture Books (+ Storytelling Prompts)

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I’m THRILLED to share the new Circle Round folktale picture books which are excellent traditional FOLKTALE STORIES with positive values plus literacy and STORYTELLING ACTIVITIES to do afterward…that I WROTE!

Because haven’t you read a picture book and thought wouldn’t it be great if the book included fun story-related activities for kids to do afterward?

Well, here you go!

It was a delight to work with Storey Publishing on these creative storytelling prompts and activities.

One of my favorite things besides matching kids to books is to use my teaching background to think of fun ways to engage kids with stories and to get them to see themselves as readers and writers.

I hope the activities at the back of these picture books do just that — further your child’s identity as a reader and writer. See how the ideas expand your kids’ thinking about the story and also, inspire storytelling of their own.

But first, let’s start with the origin of these stories on a podcast called Circle Round…

Circle Round Podcast

If you don’t know about the Circle Round podcast — it’s an engaging storytelling podcast for kids that narrates folktales from cultures worldwide. If you haven’t listened to them yet, listen today. It’s fantastic!

The podcast for ages 4 – 10 shares stories that emphasize values such as kindness, being a good friend, and generosity. Perfect for boys and girls, these 10 – 20-minute stories are the right length to listen to in the car, during an afternoon quiet time or snack time, or at bedtime.

Plus, Circle Round makes for an enriching alternative to screen time.

The Circle Round host and producer, Rebecca Sheir, took the most popular stories and wrote mesmerizing picture book stories which were illustrated by an artist from where the folktale originated.

Circle Round Picture Books

Rebecca Sheir is a gifted storyteller who infuses her kid-friendly stories with action, humor, and life lessons.

These folktale picture books will be popular read-alouds for both the readers on your lap and the students in your classroom.

I predict you’ll love these books as much as I do.

And aren’t the illustrations fabulous?

Published by Storey Publishing, the Circle Round titles include:

Circle Round Picture Books
A Taste of Honey
by Rebecca Sheir, illustrated by Chaaya Prabhat
Amazon Bookshop
Our clever beekeeper hero, Kamala, uses her wits to outsmart thieves in a very funny way!

Circle Round Picture Books
The Unwelcome Guest
by Rebecca Sheir, illustrated by Mert Tugen
Amazon Bookshop
Nasruddin works all day in this vineyard and arrives at the governor’s celebration banquet in his work clothes. When people judge him for how he looks, he finds a creative and messy way to teach the villagers a valuable lesson.

Circle Round Picture Books
The Great Ball Game
(fall 2022) by Rebecca Sheir, illustrated by Joshua Pawis-Steckley
The teams for the ball game are separated into animals and birds until Bat arrives which eventually helps the players learn to be more accepting of diversity.

Storytelling Prompts and Activities

Live in the story a bit longer with story-related prompts.

Then, use the storytelling prompts to invent your own clever tales.

You might use bees in your own story.

Or think of a new solution to the story’s problem.

Or make a shadow puppet theater.

Maybe you’ll use a pebble on a story grid and use the setting, characters, and problems to invent your own tale.

Additionally, the Storey Publishing website offers two coloring pages here.

3 Engaging Folktale Picture Books with Storytelling Activities

Amazing Circle Round Folktale Picture Books with Storytelling Activities


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